Sexy lingerie poor review

Sexy lingerie poor review

There are many brands and styles in the sexy underwear market, but there are great differences between different brands and styles.If you buy a poor quality of sexy underwear, there will be many problems, such as uncomfortable wearing, easy damage, obsolete, and so on.Here are some erotic underwear bad reviews to help you better choose a sexy underwear that suits you.

1. Don’t comfortable to wear

On the one hand, the sexy underwear you buy must be in line with your own taste, and on the other hand, it must be comfortable and natural without a sense of restraint.However, some erotic underwear design is unreasonable, and it is very uncomfortable to wear, such as too tight pants heads, too thick bras, etc., which will make you feel very uncomfortable.

2. Easy to break

Some sexy underwear is very poor, and it is easy to cause damage.Some brands of underwear materials are too thin, and they cannot afford repeated frictions and pulls, which are easy to wear, getting the ball or opening, which not only affects the beauty, but also causes potential damage to the body.

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3. Precision

Choosing a good breathable sexy underwear is very important for physical health.However, the internal materials of some sexy underwear are dense and the air is not easy to circulate. It not only prevent sweat, but also causes discomfort in private parts. It is easy to breed bacteria and produce odor.

4. Not fit

The degree of integration of sexy underwear also has a great impact on comfort.Many underwear size is too single to meet the needs of everyone.Some brands pay too much attention to external aesthetics, but do not consider fit, which causes underwear to wear the effect not to achieve the effect, but it looks loose or too tight.

5. Small or larger than the described size

Many sexy underwear brands are used in a chaotic size and have no uniform specifications.For example, the size of some brands is relatively small, and the size of some brands is relatively large, so it is difficult to shop according to the size.Unless you go to the store to try on, you can only listen to it.


The most important principle of choosing sex underwear is to fit the chest and bring the perfect support to the chest.However, the fun underwear of many brands gives people very strange. It may be designed with high waist, the hip -lifting design is very exaggerated, and the underwear on the normal design of the chest is 10,000 miles.

7. Color distortion


In order to be able to bring visual impact on people in the background of sexy, many erotic underwear brands deliberately exaggerate the color.However, the defects of these sexy underwear are color distortion, especially those sexy underwear with darker colors or color stitching and white parts is very easy to fade when drying or drying, which is of little significance.

8. Unable to return

When buying sexy underwear, it is a very important point, and any shortcomings can at least try to return.However, some sexy underwear brands do not support refund and exchange services for various reasons.When buying a sexy underwear, you must pay attention to the refund and exchange policy, so as not to replace the sexy underwear that is not suitable for buying.

In summary, there are many brands in the market in the market, but the huge differences between different brands and styles need to cause our vigilance.When buying sexy underwear, we need to pay attention to practical decisions. We must respect our own personality and physical feelings, and buy a sexy underwear that suits them.