Sexy lingerie ribbon knot

Sexy lingerie ribbon knot

Why do you

Interest underwear is a kind of sexy and mysterious clothing, and it also has high decoration.The most common details are ribbon knots.Ribbon knots can not only be used to modify the underwear itself, but also improve the comfort of wearing.Therefore, if you want to create a sexy and comfortable dressing experience, then knotting is essential.

Method of knotting

The method of ribbon knots varies from the style and the effects that need to be achieved.Here are several common knot methods for you:


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Bow is one of the most classic ribbon knots, and it is very suitable for sexy underwear.The specific operation is to first tie a ring in the middle, then pass through the bands on both sides, and finally fix it.


Flat knot is a common foundation, suitable for sexy underwear for fine bands and thin materials.Specifically, you can tie the ribbon on both ends with a simple flat knot playing together.

Cross -playing

Cross -playing methods are usually used on the cross -ribbon cross -style, which can make underwear more closely the body.Specifically, one ribbon is binding vertically, binding horizontally on another ribbon, and then simply knotting the two ribbons.

Pay attention

Although the ribbon knot looks very simple, in practice, we need to pay attention to the following places:


The position of the knot needs to be determined according to the style and needs of the underwear.Generally speaking, choose the most suitable position to achieve the best results.

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Tightness of knotting

The looseness of the ribbon knot has a great impact on the comfort and visual effect of the entire underwear.Adjust the tightness of the knot according to your physical condition and feelings.

Stability of knotting

The stability of knots is also very important.If the knot is unstable, it will affect the visual effect of the underwear, and it may also limit the degree of freedom of activity.To stick to the principle of stability.

Recommended style

There are many types of sexy underwear on the market, but the style of ribbon knots must not be missed.Here are some of the most popular styles:

Stroke sexy underwear

This style often requires slender ribbons on the chest and waist, which is very suitable for people who want to add some mystery and artistic sense.

Bettes with thin shoulders

There are many variants in both shoulder -band underwear, which can be adjusted to the tightness and location of the shoulder straps and ribbons. The overall shape of this underwear is very suitable for romantic and sweet and sexy sexy style.

Three -point sexy underwear

Three -point sexy underwear is composed of three parts: bra, underwear and silk ribbon.The position and loosening of the band can be adjusted flexibly, with decoration and sexuality and sexy.


Ribbon knot is a major feature of sexy underwear, which can not only make underwear more beautiful, but also improve the comfort of wearing.When choosing knot styles, details, and play methods, please pay attention to the above tips, and finally make your knot show the best display and play.A good ribbon knot can not only improve the self -confidence and gorgeousness of women, but also increase the elements of interest, and create an extraordinary dressing experience.