Sexy lingerie song download

Sexy lingerie song download

Love lingerie song download, enjoy the dual stimulation of visual and auditory

If you want to increase the fun of sex, in addition to choosing the right sexy lingerie style, you can also use the sexy lingerie song to add points to the sex atmosphere.These songs will make you feel the dual stimulation of visual and hearing.The following is the introduction and download address of some fun underwear songs.

1. "lollipop" by mika

This song can give birth to an atmosphere full of joy and vitality.Mika’s natural sweet voice and the cheerfulness of the rhythm of music add a relaxed and lively color to sex.

download link: 8.mp3

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2. "Let’s get it on" by Marvin Gaye

For the song list of sexy underwear, the classic love song of this Marvin Gaye is absolutely necessary.When love reaches the climax, this song brings you the passion of Hetty Voice and String.The trembling sound is mixed with the melody of guitar and violin, which can upgrade your sex atmosphere to a more romantic state.

download link:

3. "I Want Your Sex" by George Michael

George Michael’s classic single is a perfect sex song.The melody is very rhythmic and difficult to resist.Moreover, the duplicate part of the song can make your sex experience more fulfilling.

download link:

4. "Sexual Healing" by Marvin Gaye

Marvin Gaye is one of the representative figures of sexy lingerie songs.The tune melody of this song is beautiful, and the magnetic sound of Marvin Gaye perfectly balances the proportion of relaxation and passion.

download link:

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5. "Love to Love You Baby" by Donna Summer

The voice of the heroine Donna Summer of this classic sex song is quite touching, and it is super intriguing to sing.The enthusiastic sound of the song in the song, coupled with the sang SOLO guitar sound, will definitely make your interesting night more fiery.

download link:

6. "Take Me" by Alyson Stoner

When you want to create some Roman history, this song can help you achieve your desire.This song is famous for its fun and romantic rhythm. It initiates an invitation and puts down the body to ensure that you can appreciate the charm of this song.

download link:

7. "I Want to Sex You Up" by COLOR Me BADD

This song from Color Me Badd is a classic erotic underwear song with popular song style.The men’s choir uses its soft but colorful sound to increase the color scene.

download link:

8. "S & M" by Rihanna

This Rihanna’s classic single shows her naive and cold personality and her desire for sex and abnormal.This magical and passionate music is like performing one -time love taboo freely, making people unable to extricate themselves.

download link:

9. "Body Language" by jesse mccartney ft. T-Pain

This "dance music" sung by Jesse McCartney Ft. T-Pain is full of passion of strong juice, and the erotic atmosphere it expresses will make you explode in place.This song has a strong sense of rhythm and allows you to dance together in bed.

download link:

10. "Sex on Fire" by kings of leon

This song is one of the classic singles of Kings of Leon.The rhythm of the song is compact and deep, and the melody can enhance the passion and enthusiasm of sex.In the world of sexy underwear, this song is also an absolute classic.

download link:

Although sexy lingerie songs cannot replace the active interaction between vision and auditory, if you can do it correctly when choosing a song, sexy lingerie songs can become a natural assistant to make sexual activities more interesting and dynamic.