Sexy underwear 36D fishing net

Sexy underwear 36D fishing net

Sexy underwear 36D fishing net

In sexy underwear, the fishing net series has become a very classic series, especially 36D fishing net underwear is even more popular.What is this underwear?What are its characteristics?Let’s understand one by one.

Entering the fishing net element

The biggest feature of the 36D fishing net underwear is that it integrates the element of fishing nets, adding fish net decoration to the chest and hem, which can not only enhance the sexy temperament, but also highlight the beauty of the chest lines and curves.

Using high -quality materials

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This underwear is made of high -quality cotton material. It is soft and comfortable. It is more skin -friendly, enhances the breathability and comfort of the underwear, and makes women wear more naturally.

Chest pad design

36D fishing net underwear also uses a chest pad design, which can not only have the effect of holding the chest, but also make the chest fuller and more upright, more prominent sexy.

Long style

This underwear adopts a long style, which can fully cover the hips and thighs, which can make women more comfortable when wearing, and it is not easy to take lightness and other conditions.

Multiple colors optional

36D fishing net underwear provides a variety of different color options, including black, white, red, blue, etc., allowing women to choose according to different occasions and personal hobbies, taking into account both fashion and beauty.

Back sexy design

The back of this underwear adopts sexy design, lower hem design and the use of fishing net decoration, allowing women to show the perfect back curve and sexy beauty.

Fetish Wear

Suitable for various body type women

36D fishing net underwear is not only suitable for women with 36D bras, but also for women of various body types. They will not emphasize the size of the chest too much. Instead, they can highlight the body curve and enhance sexy temperament.

Cooperate with a variety of clothing

The classic design and multiple color choices of this underwear can be worn with a variety of clothing. Whether it is ordinary T -shirts or different styles such as perspective clothing, deep V clothing, etc., it can show the sexy charm of women well.

Applicable to various occasions

The design of the 36D fishing net underwear is very flexible, suitable for various occasions to wear. Whether it is at home, parties, bars and other occasions, it can show women’s sexy temperament and aesthetics well.


In general, 36D fishing net underwear not only takes into account both fashion and beauty, but also can show women’s perfect body curve and sexy beauty. It is suitable for women of various body types.Essence