Sexy underwear classification

Sexy underwear classification


Interest underwear can help enhance the fun and fun of sexual life.Different types of sexy underwear are suitable for different occasions and different preferences, so understanding the characteristics and advantages of various sexy underwear can be helpful for choosing sexy underwear that suits you.

Lace sexy underwear

Lace is one of the most classic materials in the sex underwear industry.Lace erotic underwear is sexy and elegant, and is the first choice for many women.The design of lace sexy underwear usually includes rich elements such as lace, diamonds and bow, which makes people feel romantic and sexy.

Leather sex underwear

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Leather sex lingerie has always been regarded as a representative of sexy and rebellious.The texture of this sexy underwear is usually very soft imitation leather or leather, which makes people feel challenging and independent.The design of leather sex lingerie usually includes unique details, such as metal buckles and chains, which can further enhance sexy.

Silk sexy underwear

Silk erotic underwear is an elegant and noble underwear style.The design of this sexy underwear usually includes stable colors and soft materials, making the wearer feel confident and charming.The style of silk sex lingerie usually includes rich details, such as lace and embroidery, which makes people feel warm, comfortable and sexy.

Nets Eyes Sex Plate

Net eye sex lingerie is a very sexy and bold style.This sexy underwear is characterized by thin and transparent materials, and is usually designed as some milk stickers, bra and skirts.The style of mesh erotic lingerie is very diverse, including various colors and shapes of the mesh, which can meet various preferences and occasions.

Lace high -waist briefs

Lace high -waisted briefs are also a very popular sexy lingerie style.The style of this pants is usually relatively high waist and loose. It uses decorative elements such as lace and lace to make God more noble and sexy.Customers can match briefs with bra to create a complete sexy underwear.In addition, the design of lace high -waisted briefs is very suitable for the combination of short pants and skirt length.

Vacuum hip skirt

A vacuum hip skirt is a very sexy and bold sexy underwear.The characteristics of this skirt are strong transparent performance and completely expose the hips.A vacuum hip skirt is usually soft and transparent, which will be more charming and sexy with other sexy underwear.

Sexy Costumes


Through pants are a very exposed sexy underwear style.The design of this kind of pants is very simple. It is usually not covered with the hips, and only connects the front and back of the lower body.Thong pants are suitable for women who want to be a sexy and impressive woman.

Split sexy underwear

Speak sex underwear is a very sexy and exposed style.This sexy underwear is characterized by a gap in key parts to expose the skin as much as possible.The style of split sex underwear includes a variety of colors and shapes, suitable for various women’s needs.

Lace split -style sexy underwear

Lace split -style sexy underwear is a very sexy and elegant underwear style.The design of this sexy underwear includes two parts: top and lower skirts, namely lace and soft hemp decoration.Lace split -style sexy underwear is suitable for special moments and occasions, such as dating and dances.

in conclusion

It is very helpful to understand different types of sexy underwear, so that you can choose sexy underwear suitable for you and needs.Whether you want to be independent and noble or bold and sexy, there will be a sexy underwear that suits you.Choose a suitable sexy underwear to add more interest and fun to make your life more fulfilling and satisfied.