Sexy underwear fat boyfriend

Sexy underwear fat boyfriend

Sexy underwear for fat boyfriend’s choice

Interest underwear is a special design and material, which can create a sexy and charming appearance, and give the other party the most extreme enjoyment.But for a fat boyfriend, choosing a sexy underwear that suits you is a big problem.This article will provide you with some tips and suggestions for choosing sexy underwear.

The size should be correct

The size of sexy underwear is very important for wearing comfort and aesthetics.For fat boyfriends, you must carefully measure your size, including bust, waist, hip, shoulder width and other parts.Only with the appropriate sexy underwear can we highlight your body advantages well.

The texture must be comfortable

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The erotic underwear of hard materials can make your body a beautiful curve, but it may bring discomfort for some fat boyfriends.Choosing a soft and comfortable and skin -friendly sexy underwear can highlight your sexy and charm.

Exquisite design

The design of sexy underwear is the core of highlighting its sexy.For a fat boyfriend, choosing some colorful and beautiful sexy underwear with beautiful colors and patterns can visually extend your body proportion and highlight your charm.

Broadband or set

For a fat boyfriend with a wide hip, choosing a broadband sexy underwear can visually extend your body proportion, not only to perfectly show your sexy charm, but also add more comfort.Choosing a set of sexy underwear is also a good choice.


Sweat and fat will destroy the texture and life of underwear, so you must keep your body dry and clean before you wear it. You can also choose to have better sweat -absorbent erotic underwear to improve your wear comfort.

Pay attention to the obstruction of the belly

Many fat boyfriends will worry that their belly is too prominent and affects the effect of sexy underwear.Choose some styles of sexy underwear or more loose sweater and jacket on the style, which can cover your belly well.

Fetish Wear

Choose a suitable style

Different styles of sexy underwear are suitable for different body shapes. Choose the style that suits you according to your own figure.For example, a combination of knitted jackets, shirts, and wearing bellybands and underwear on the outside of the jeans can highlight the masculine charm of the fat boyfriend.

Sex underwear matching

Interest underwear can not only be worn independently, but also very important in the combination with other clothing.For example, with black tight trousers, it brings people more impact and beauty.


In general, choosing a sexy underwear that suits you is not difficult for fat boyfriends. As long as you pay attention to the choice of size, material, design and other techniques, as well as matching and coveringInteresting underwear shape.