Sexy underwear full body stockings can be torn

Sexy underwear full body stockings can be torn

Sexy underwear full body stockings can be torn

The sexy lingerie is rich in style, one of which has attracted much attention is that the whole body stockings can be torn.This underwear is multifunctional and can add more stimulus and fun to sex.

1. What is full body stockings to tear?

The whole body stockings can be torn. It is a sexy underwear that includes jackets and socks. The fabric is made of thin and soft stockings, which can fit the outline of the body.

2. What are the styles?

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Specifications can be torn in a variety of styles. Some of them only cover the upper body, some cover the whole body, and some styles with a suspender or exposed chest design.

3. What is the degree of sexy?

The design of the whole body stockings can be torn and sexy, and the curve of the body is perfectly presented, which can greatly stimulate the sexual desire and emotion of both parties.

4. How to use?

When you can use the whole body stockings, you need to wear the underwear first, and then you can tear the setting according to a specific location to achieve the purpose of sex.

5. What are the choices of materials?

The whole body stockings can be made mainly made of soft stockings fabrics. Some of them use lace, satin and other fabrics, depending on specific styles.

6. How effective is wearing?

Specifications can tear up the outline of the body, coupled with sexy design, it is best to follow the proportion of your body when you wear your own style.

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7. Which occasion is suitable?

Specifications of stockings can be used for sexy occasions, and it is also suitable for stage performances, theme party equivalents.

8. How to maintain it?

Special washing methods need to be torn in full -body stockings when cleaning. It is best to wash it by hand. Do not use the washing machine to dry.You can use a small amount of detergent when cleaning, do not use bleach.

9. What brands are recommended?

Many brands on the market provide full -body stockings to tear style, such as Leg Avenue, Dreamgirl, Espiral, Seven Til Midnight, etc. Different brands can choose the brand according to personal needs.

10. Summary

Specifications of stockings are a kind of sexy underwear. Wearing sexy and multifunctional, can bring more stimuli and fun in sex.When using, you need to follow everyone’s body shape to choose the style that suits them, and at the same time, you need to pay attention to special cleaning methods in maintenance.