Sexy underwear Jingdong buyer screenshot size

Sexy underwear Jingdong buyer screenshot size

Sexy underwear Jingdong buyer screenshot size

If you want to buy your favorite sexy underwear in JD, in addition to choosing styles and sizes, an essential problem is how to correctly provide screenshots.The following is a detailed introduction about the size of the screenshot of the sexy underwear.


When choosing a sexy underwear, we need to browse the product details page and take a screenshot of the sexy underwear.Under normal circumstances, after opening the screenshot software, press the shortcut key Ctrl + Alt + A to take a screenshot.

Screenshot location

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After selecting the details of the sexy underwear product, we need to present the content of the screenshot as much as possible on the screen as much as possible, and then take a screenshot to ensure that the size of the screenshot is more accurate.


We need to cut appropriately after intercepting pictures of sexy underwear.Cut out the main part of the sexy underwear to make the screenshot more accurate.


When buying sexy underwear in, you need to provide the following sizes: upper bust, lower bust, waist, hip, shoulder width and lower chest surroundings.To ensure the accuracy of the size, we need to cut the screenshots as much as possible to the subject of the sexy underwear.

Handheld item standard

When shooting a screenshot, we need to place the handheld items next to the sexy underwear. The size of the handheld item is generally a bank card or a palm of its own, which can better ensure the accuracy of the size.

Screenshot style specification

When uploading a screenshot, we need to find information such as the style, size, color and other information of the sexy lingerie and upload it together.Upload screenshots in accordance with the specified format can better ensure that they are approved by the merchant or customer service.

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Upload screenshots in the shopping cart

We can also take a screenshot of sexy underwear in the Jingdong shopping cart and upload screenshots.In this way, the merchant will easily handle your order and ship it to you.

Shopping Notes

When shopping, you must carefully check the product size information, and choose to choose a sexy underwear that is consistent with your actual size as much as possible.


Providing the correct sexy underwear Jingdong buyer screenshot size is very necessary to ensure that we can buy the sexy underwear we like.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, we need to study and master the correct screenshots and size requirements.