Sexy underwear market research data cross -border

Sexy underwear market research data cross -border

Quotation of sexy underwear market

In recent years, fun underwear, as a new adult product, has become one of the hotspots of the market.After market research data evaluation, it is not difficult to find that the sex underwear market has the following characteristics:

Consumer groups present a trend of younger

In recent years, consumer groups in the sex underwear market have shown a trend of younger, and consumer groups are mainly young people aged 20-39.The rise of this consumer group not only promotes the development of the sexy underwear market, but also brings huge business opportunities to the industry.

The market size expands year by year

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With the continuous improvement of consumers’ requirements for quality and types, the scale of the sex underwear market expands year by year.Market data shows that the sexy underwear market will still maintain a high growth rate in the next few years.

Domestic sex lingerie market competition pattern

In the domestic sex lingerie market, the competitive pattern is diversified.In addition to well -known domestic brands, more and more foreign brands have entered the domestic market. At the same time, many emerging brands have emerged in the domestic market.

Quality building becomes the core competitiveness of the enterprise

Quality is the core competitiveness of the enterprise, especially for sexy underwear companies.Some well -known brands have established the reputation and loyalty of the brand by improving quality and continuous innovation.

Category expansion and differentiated operations have become a development trend

In order to meet the diversified needs of consumers, sexy underwear companies have continuously expand their product lines and continue to launch new varieties.In the competition in the homogeneous market, differentiated operations have become an important means of enterprise development.

Cross -border e -commerce development helps sexy underwear import business growth

With the rise of cross -border e -commerce, the import business of sexy underwear has grown at a high speed.Especially in Europe and the United States, it has become the target of consumers, and the proportion of imports has continued to increase.

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Online retail becomes the main channel of sales

With the rapid development of the Internet, the sales channels of the sex underwear industry have gradually shifted to online.Online retail has become the main channel for sales of sex underwear companies, and the effect is obvious.

Construction and operating benefits of professional stores

Although the development of online retail has brought unlimited business opportunities to the sex underwear industry, the existence of professional stores still has certain commercial value.In the case of diversified markets, some sexy underwear companies still have a lot of work in professional stores.

The future development trend of sexy underwear market

It is foreseeable that in the future, the sex underwear market will present the following development trends: 1. Brand competition is more intense; 2. Cross -border e -commerce models will be more mature; 3. Quality pursuit will be the focus of enterprises.


As an emerging adult product, there is still huge development space in the sexy underwear market.For sexy underwear companies, creating brands, improving quality, and expanding product lines is the key to the long -term development of enterprises.