Sexy underwear night fire opening gear

Sexy underwear night fire opening gear

Sexy underwear night fire opens, stunning night

As one of the colorful night dressing, sexy underwear is naturally indispensable for various designs.Among them, the opening -up sexy underwear has become the love of many women with other excitement and super sexy.

1. What is the opening and sexy lingerie

Open -gear erotic underwear, that is, there is a small mouth in the lower body part, which is convenient for couples to do it without taking off the sexy underwear during sex, and the opening can also increase the irritation.However, it should be noted that opening may have an impact on women’s hygiene problems, so it is not advisable to wear it for a long time.

2. The design style of the sexy underwear open

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Different from ordinary sexy underwear, the design of the sexy lingerie is the first to stimulate, and more details and imagination are integrated into the design of clothing.In terms of design, it can be made of lace, silk, PU leather, transparent mesh and other materials. It can also be paired with abdomen, handcuffs, and footballs, giving a rich visual and experience.

3. Applicable crowd of sexy underwear

Compared with ordinary erotic underwear, the sexy underwear is more focused on the provision of irritation and is not suitable for everyone.Suitable for women with high sexual interest, sexy sensitivity, and tedious sex experience, because the opening and sexy underwear allows them to get more excitement and joy in sexual life.

4. The matching method of opening the sexy underwear

The matching method of opening the sexy underwear is the same as that of ordinary erotic underwear. It can be paired with sexy jewelry such as high heels, stockings, or with props such as lubricants to increase the surprise and pleasure of sexual life.

5. Whether the sexy underwear is suitable for all women is suitable for wearing

It still needs to be based on personal circumstances, because some women may be more shy or dare not try such a sexual experience, and some women are not satisfied with the comfort of opening sexy underwear, causing different experience effects.Therefore, not all women are suitable for wearing such sex underwear.

6. The cleaning method of opening the stall sex underwear

Because the opening part needs to consider women’s hygiene, cleaning is very important.We can use water or warm water with a small amount of soap for cleaning during washing. Do not use chemical detergents such as bleaching water to avoid using washing machines or dryers for treatment.

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7. Communication problem of sexy underwear

In sexual life, choosing whether to wear a sexy underwear requires communication between both parties.Some women refuse this kind of attempt for personality or other reasons. This requires the patience of men to communicate, reminding women that trying this will not cause harm to the body, and consider women’s physical condition and health problems.

8. The price problem of sexy underwear on the file

The price of sexy underwear is relatively high, because it needs to be more detailed and complex to use high -quality materials.When buying a sexy underwear, you may wish to consider your own budget and actual needs, and selectively cost -effective products.

9. The market cognition of the opening of the sexy underwear

Although the opening and fun underwear has a positive role in promoting the sex experience, the current market awareness is not enough.Some people think that the fun underwear designed is vulgar and unhealthy, and it is not suitable for usual wear.Therefore, it is necessary to continuously strengthen market propaganda in popularizing sexual life knowledge and enhancing its cultural meanings.

10. Our conclusion

In short, the opening of sexy underwear can make sexual life more exciting and romantic, increasing the emotional communication and experience between husband and wife.If you are looking for a new sex experience, then try to open the sexy underwear.