Sexy underwear pearl pants online training

Sexy underwear pearl pants online training

Sexy underwear pearl pants online training

Sexy underwear pearl pants are a very popular sexy underwear, and it is also an important part of many women for flirting or sexy toys.The pearl design can not only play a beauty effect, but also stimulate the perfect curve.However, for newbies using pearl pants for the first time, there are often some handsome hands and do not know how to use it. At this time, online tuning is necessary.Below, we will introduce the method of online tuning of sexy underwear pearl pants.

Select pearl pants with appropriate size

Before training pearl pants online, you must first choose a suitable size pearl pants.Because the size of the waist circumference for different sizes of pearl pants is different, if you choose inappropriate sizes, the use effect of pearl pants will be greatly reduced.It is recommended to measure the waist and hips before buying, or choose to buy according to the size of the pants you wear.

Prepare the necessary auxiliary tools

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Training pearl pants requires some auxiliary tools, mainly including lubricating oil and mirror.Lubricating oil can make pearl pants smoother and more comfortable to use; mirrors can help you better observe the effect and adjust the effect in time.

The correct way to wear pearl pants

The way to wear pearl pants is very important. The wrong way to wear will not only affect the use effect, but also bring discomfort to the body.The correct way to wear is to apply pearl pants with lubricant, then stuff the pearl pants into the vagina, and then fix it on the body with a rope to ensure that the position of the pearl pants is stable.

The choice of comfort and stimulus

The design of pearl pants makes it not only stimulate sensitive areas, but also massage the inner wall of the vagina and play a effect of health care.However, the interval between different pearls is different, and the choice of comfort and stimulus will also be different. It needs to be selected according to personal preferences and physical conditions.

Pay attention to the control of power

One of the easiest problems in the online tuning process of pearl pants is the control of power. Excessive power will cause the pearl pants to slide too fast, which cannot achieve the expected stimulus effect.Therefore, the first use of pearl pants for the first time, it is recommended to be gentle when using it, and don’t be too anxious.

Control the time for training

The stimulus effect of pearl pants can be addictive, but excessive use also has certain damage to the body.Therefore, when training pearl pants online, we must control the time reasonably and avoid excessive use.

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Keep clean and hygiene

After using pearl pants daily, be sure to clean it in time to maintain hygiene to avoid the breeding of germs.It is recommended to use a special disinfectant for cleaning and dry it in the cooling place. Do not expose it in the sun.


In short, you need to pay attention to many details on online training pearl pants, including the selection of size, wearing method, control of strength, etc. These details determine the effects and safety of pearl pants, which must attract sufficient attention.I hope that the above introduction can help everyone, so that each woman can enjoy the elegance and health brought by pearl pants.