Sexy underwear processing factory

Sexy underwear processing factory

Introduction to sex underwear processing factory

The sexy underwear processing factory is an important place for manufacturing sexy underwear.These factories are particularly engaged in sexy underwear manufacturing, so they usually have more professional knowledge and experience to ensure manufacturing high -quality products.The processing factory can provide different styles, colors and sizes of sexy underwear according to the needs of customers.

Process of processing factory

The production process of sexy underwear processing plants involves many processes, including design, pattern production, cutting, suture, repair, quality control and packaging.Different manufacturers may have different production processes, but these steps are basically the same.

Choice of raw materials

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Sending sexy underwear requires high -end fabrics, such as lace, silk, cotton, linen, etc.These materials can be made into different fabrics through machine processing to meet customers with different needs.

Falter design and production

The first step in the production of sexy underwear is design and making tricks.First of all, the designer will design according to factors such as the target market and season, and then complete the pattern design on paper and computer.Next, the technician will convert the design into a instruction that the machine can recognize, and then upload the instruction to the machine to complete the pattern.

Cutting and suture

Cutting and suture are the most important part of sexy underwear manufacturing.By fixing paper samples on the material, then cut the fabric into the corresponding shape with scissors or machines.Next, the workers will sew it together, and then sew the lace and the jewelry in the correct position.

Repair and quality control

After the suture is completed, the sexy underwear needs to be trimmed.This process includes trimming head heads, cleaning fabric surfaces, evaluating and checking finished products.After these steps, workers need to perform strict quality control to ensure that each sexy underwear meets high -quality standards.

Packaging and transportation

After the production of sexy underwear processing factories is completed, it will be properly packaged and transported.Plastic bags or artificial boxes are usually used to pack underwear to ensure that it will not be damaged due to handling or transportation.After the packaging is completed, the underwear will be sent to the sales market through sea or air transport.

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The importance of quality control

Quality control is very important because it ensures the quality of sexy underwear.Customers’ high quality requirements for sexy underwear are getting higher and higher, so our processing factories must strictly control the quality.This can only be achieved only in each step.Therefore, our processing factories use a variety of machines and equipment to ensure the quality of each detail to ensure that each sexy underwear is perfect.


Interest underwear processing factory is an important part of manufacturing in high -quality sexy underwear.When creating high -quality sexy underwear, we need to consider raw material selection, pattern production, cutting and suture, repair and quality control.When creating every detail, we need to achieve excellence to ensure that each sexy underwear is high -quality and perfect.This can only be achieved by introducing the most advanced technology and equipment, and the combination of professional knowledge and experience.The sexy underwear processing factory has been continuously developing and trying to meet the needs of customers.