Sexy underwear reveals hair

Sexy underwear reveals hair

When choosing a sexy underwear, many women hope that they can take care of sexy and tenderness without destroying the beauty of clothes.However, as some sexual feelings are more and more seductive, some improper designs make some women feel uncomfortable, such as underwear and pantyhose.In this article, we will introduce some problems about sexy lingerie and provide some solutions to help women solve this problem.

1. Hair problem

Hair hair is one of the most common problems in some women. The rubbing underwear friction will cause local hair outbreaks.Do not shave panties and pantyhose without authorization, because this is likely to make the situation more serious.Use tools and hair removal and hair removal to solve this problem.

2. Size problem

Improper wear reduces the beauty of sex underwear, and the problem usually appears on women with too large size or too small.If the sexy underwear is too large, a loose appearance will appear; if the erotic underwear is too small, it will cause deformation and involve hair.It is recommended to choose a size suitable for your body and consider the materials and elasticity of the underwear.

3. Material problem

With the improvement of many sexy underwear, the performance of the underwear is also better.When buying sexy underwear, pay attention to avoid too slender fabrics and rough hook eyes, which may exacerbate hair problems.It is recommended to choose good quality sexy underwear, and natural materials are better for skin.

4. Underpants problem

Under different cases, different types of underwear may cause hairy problems.If it is a low waist underwear, it may cause the hair of the hips to expose; if it is high -waist underwear, the same problem may cause the abdomen.To avoid this problem, it is recommended to choose mid -waist or high waist underwear.

5. Lianshu socks problem

Similarly, pantyhose may cause hair.Pantanic socks wrap the waist, thighs and calves together. If you do not choose a size suitable for you, it will involve hair when wrapped tightly, which may cause human skin sensitivity.To alleviate this problem, buy pantyhose with a little size and suitable for your body.

6. Sittic parts

Another problem of sexy lingerie exposed hair is the hair of the nodes of the breast, underarms, and back.This is a big problem, which is usually related to material selection and tightness.To avoid this problem, you can choose a more loose sexy underwear, or choose to cover the hair with lace and other decorations.

7. embarrassing question

In some cases, when sexy lingerie shows hair, it may bring some embarrassment.For example, when you take off your coat and enter the bedroom, when you sit down, or you may show hair when you leave your body.To eliminate this problem, consider choosing a more conservative sexy underwear design.

8. Health issue

Sending underwear exposure may also cause great harm to the skin, which may lead to human skin infection.Because many people are wearing the same sexy underwear, health problems are even more serious.Because this situation may affect human health, it is recommended to wear appropriate underwear.


When choosing sexy underwear, women should pay attention to some problems, such as sizes, materials, underwear, pantyhose, limb parts, embarrassing and health problems.When choosing, you should choose a size and natural and comfortable material that meets the quality requirements of your body.In addition, considering health issues is also important, such as keeping underwear clean.Only in this way can we wear their sexy charm without causing physical discomfort.

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