Sexy underwear self -prepared paper towels

Sexy underwear self -prepared paper towels

Sexy underwear self-preserved paper towel-necessary introduction

For women who like to wear sexy underwear, sexy underwear is a special way to increase sexual interest and interest.There are many styles of these underwear, but one thing in common is that they can show the beauty and sexy of women’s bodies.However, wearing sexy underwear will bring some problems. One of them is that the leaky liquid may contaminate underwear and clothes.At this time, prepare some paper towels to come in handy.

Sexy underwear self-prepared paper towel-recommended paper towel type

When masturbation is needed, ordinary toilet paper is an affordable choice.However, when you want something more textured to wipe, you may need some better paper towels.Kitchen paper towels and wet paper towels are also a good choice.

Sexy underwear self-prepared paper towel-attention to details

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When you start using a paper towel to wipe, make sure you don’t wipe and curl it, which will cause the paper towels to fall.A better way is to fold the paper towel into a folding square, which can be easily controlled when used.In addition, in order to avoid rupture or any defects, please try to wipe it gently when using paper towels.

Sexy underwear self-preserved paper towel-concerns and answers

Some people may doubt the so -called "sex paper towels".They may think that such paper towels are very sensational and may make them think that they have paper towels.However, in fact, buying wet paper towels does not mean that your sexual desire is excited, just to keep it clean.

Interesting underwear self-prepared paper towel-common misunderstanding correction

Of course, some misunderstandings will also affect your choice when using paper towels.For example, some people think that towels or sanitary napkins replace paper towels.These are incorrect choices.The napkin paper is not suitable for wiping the sensitive area, and the shape and material of the sanitary napkin are not suitable for wiping, and it will stick to the skin and affect your experience.

Interesting underwear self-prepared paper towel-prepare for all situations

When you go on vacation in a sexy lingerie, you may find that you do not have a paper towel.In this case, you can prepare more paper towels before traveling.No matter where you go, the paper towels should be prepared at any time as a lightweight and easy to carry anonymous items.

Sexy underwear self-prepared paper towel-follows sanitation specifications

Remember, when using paper towels, make sure they are fresh and clean.If you turn off the box or packaging bag, it is best to pour out a few paper towels to ensure that they are fresh.Mold tissue may cause infection and infectious diseases.Therefore, please always follow the sanitary norms.


Interesting underwear self-prepared paper towel-Choose the right case and use it

Finally, please pay attention to the right situation to use paper towels.If you use toilet paper as much as possible in a place where multiple people use, such as in public toilets.If you are in a private place, such as a home bathroom or your private facilities, then you can choose a wet towel or oil -based paper towel.

Sex underwear self-prepared paper towel-proper treatment

After using paper towels, do not discard it at will, especially do not throw it outside or other places.The paper towels must be handled properly.If you do not have a special waste paper basket, you can put it in a packaging bag and tighten your mouth to finally be handled.

Sexy underwear self-prepared paper towel-summary

The wearing of sexy underwear may bring a lot of happiness, but it will also bring some very ordinary but important tests. One of them is how to prevent underwear and surrounding clothing pollution.Fun underwear self -reserve tissue solves this problem, which can not only get a better experience, but also help female friends to develop good hygiene habits.