Sexy underwear shop test underwear novels

1. Start the journey to test underwear

I came to a sexy underwear shop with a mood of both anticipation and stunning.The lights in the shop are dim, and soft music lingers in the air, making people feel very relaxed.

2. Underwear with a wide range of styles

Entering the underwear area, there are rows of colorful underwear in front of you.There are erotic underwear, sexy lace underwear, cute print underwear, etc.Each underwear is charming.

3. Professional suggestions for clothing masters

I was hesitant to ask for help from the clothing master in the store. She enthusiastically recommended a few underwear suitable for me, and let me try the bra to measure the size to ensure that the underwear I bought can be comfortable and appropriate.

4. The importance of material

The material of the underwear has a great impact on comfort and breathability. Compared with cheap materials, higher -quality fabrics are more suitable for physical skin.When I put on good quality underwear, I feel very comfortable and can even improve my mood.

5. The difference between large breasts and small breasts

When buying underwear, the body and chest size need to be considered.Compared to women with large breasts, women with small breasts will be easier to find suitable comfortable underwear.Women with large breasts need to pay more attention to the style and support of the underwear to ensure comfortable wear.

6. Adjustment and trim of underwear

The underwear displayed in the advertisement is likely to be trimmed to achieve the perfect effect.But in actual life, we rarely have the opportunity to wear such underwear.If you want to wear underwear in some special occasions, you can use some adjustable underwear or accessories.

7. Washing and maintenance of underwear

Underwear also needs to be cleaned and maintained like other clothes.Taking hand washing as an example, underwear should be cleaned with warm water to avoid using washing machines.After cleaning, gently dry the underwear with a towel, and then place it in a cool and dry place.

8. Far away from low quality underwear

Fast fashion underwear is cheap, but the quality is average.Wearing low -quality underwear can not only cause skin allergies, but also affect health.Therefore, choosing high -quality underwear is important.

Nine. Choose suitable underwear

The most suitable underwear is not the most fashionable, but the style that is most suitable for your body and chest.You can ask the people around you, or try it on yourself to find the most suitable underwear.

10. Viewpoint

Buying underwear is not just to meet visual needs. It is more important to protect and care for the body.Choosing underwear that is suitable for you is a kind of investment in your own health and beauty.

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