Sexy underwear stimulates me

Sexy underwear stimulates me

My first intimate contact with the sexy underwear

When I was young, I had no concept of sexy underwear.But under the introduction of a friend, I began to understand and try to put on sexy underwear.It feels wonderful for the first time. It brings me a strong stimulus and feeling different from daily underwear.

Falling underwear style type

There are many fun underwear styles, both suitable for comfortable types that are usually dressed, as well as sexy types specially made for interest.In addition, there are styles suitable for various types of body shapes, such as exposing the back of the back, the waist shape of the waist tightening the waist.

Selection of sexy underwear

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The material selection of sexy underwear is very particular. Generally, the materials selected are lace, silk, polyester fiber, etc.Different materials are suitable for different purposes: lace is better breathable and suitable for summer wearing; silk has better luster and is suitable for special occasions; polyester fibers are more suitable for daily wear, because it is easier to clean and maintain maintenanceEssence

The requirements of sexy underwear for figure

Most of the sexy underwear is tight, so you need to pay attention to the body proportion of wearing sex underwear.Too plump or too thin is not suitable for wearing.But it is not to say that people with bad figures are not suitable for wearing sexy underwear. Choosing styles and materials that are suitable for their body proportion will highlight personal advantages.

The color matching of sexy underwear

The color matching of sexy underwear is also very important.Red and black are classic colors of sexy underwear, which represents romance and sexy.But in addition, there are many other matching options, such as purple and gold, which represents luxury and mystery.

How to wear erotic underwear

The way of sexy underwear is also unique.It usually uses the way to design a different dressing experience.In addition, there are some special styles, such as the zipper, hook buckle, shoulder straps, etc., which are more in line with the shape, making people feel more teasing.

Selection of sex underwear

Sex underwear usually choose to wear on special occasions, such as stripping dance, sexy parties, Valentine’s Day, etc.But when you are private, you can also wear it, increase interest and stimuli, and give the two sides a more unforgettable experience.


The role of sexy underwear on people

Interest underwear is not only some exposed fabrics, but it also has a large role in a large extent.Through design and dressing, it enhances self -confidence, exudes more lust and mystery, and can also become a tool for enhancement of emotions between couples.

Select sex underwear in combination with your own experience

Finally, choosing sexy underwear is not an easy task.Everyone’s body and preferences are different, so the process of choosing sexy underwear also needs to be determined in combination with their own experience and feelings.Don’t pursue popularity and fashion, but choose a style that suits you to increase your inner satisfaction and self -confidence.


As a different way of dressing from daily underwear, sexy underwear brings strong stimulation and emotional experience through different styles, materials and design.However, choosing a style and a way of dressing also needs to consider factors such as body, occasion and personal characteristics.The most important thing is that the process of choosing sexy underwear also needs to be determined in combination with your own experience and feelings. Do not pursue popularity and fashion, but to pursue inner satisfaction and confidence.