Sexy underwear storage method

Sexy underwear storage method

How to store sexy underwear

For women who love to buy sexy underwear, how to store these naked and sexy clothes is a problem.The correct storage method can avoid the deformation, damage and damage of the sexy underwear, and to avoid exposing it to the unexpected people.There are some simple and practical methods here to help you easily storage of sexy underwear.

Step 1: Divide the door category

First of all, you need to classify your erotic underwear and divide the same kinds of underwear with the same color.Put it in different places according to the frequency and applicable occasions.

Step 2: Put the underwear in the oxygen delivery bag

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Interesting underwear H2 is easy to deform and relatively fragile, so you can consider put underwear in the oxygen delivery bag, which can not only avoid them deformation, but also play a protective role.

Step 3: Use a separate storage box

The separated storage box is one of the most common and practical ways of storage. This method allows you to classify different types of underwear to avoid confusion.

Step 4: Storage according to the color

If you like to buy sexy underwear of different colors, you can store it separately according to the color.For example, light pink, dark red, and pink can be placed together, black and red can be put together, so that you can choose quickly.

Step 5: Put the underwear in the drawer

For women who prefer to put underwear in the drawer, in order to prevent underwear from deforming, it is best to put them flat in the drawer.This is more conducive to maintaining shape and clarity than stacking.

Step 6: Avoid placing directly in the sun

It should be noted that directly exposing the sexy underwear in the sun will make it fragile, and the color will be destroyed, so it is best to avoid the sun.

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Step 7: Avoid hanging underwear

Some people are used to hanging underwear on the hanger, but this method is usually not good.Hanging or hanging for a long time makes the degree of damage to the underwear more difficult and easier to deform, so it is very important to place underwear.

Step 8: Storage with a transparent bag

Putting sex underwear into a transparent bag will not cause underwear to be contaminated by the outside world, and it can also easily see the color of the clothes.If you choose a different color or similar underwear, you need to distinguish it, you can directly stick the label on the transparent bag and it is easy to understand.


The above methods can allow female friends to storage and interesting underwear, so that underwear can better maintain their sexy appearance.Receiving and interesting underwear can not only facilitate our storage, but also make it more durable, but also allows us to easily choose our favorite underwear.I hope these methods can help you.