Sexy underwear suitable for all kinds of figures

Sexy underwear suitable for all kinds of figures

Sexy underwear suitable for all kinds of figures

Interest underwear is a clothing that can enhance women’s charm, and there are various styles and styles on the market, suitable for women of different figures.Whether it is full of body or fat, all kinds of sexy underwear can help women show their most beautiful side.Let’s take a look at what aspects should be considered when choosing sexy underwear.

1. The choice of color and style of underwear

Choose a suitable sex underwear to see if the color and style are suitable for your body.When choosing color, choose according to your skin color. If women with white skin can choose darker sexy underwear, and women with darker skin can choose lighter sexy underwear.In addition, the choice of pants can also be different from the shape. The thin body can choose a flat mouth and low waist, while the thick body can choose 3 -point shorts.

2. The texture of trying to penetrate underwear

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In addition to the color and style, the texture also needs to be considered. Of course, when buying a sexy underwear, you should touch it when the packaging is not damaged to understand whether the texture is comfortable and durable.If the packaging is damaged, it means that the quality may not be good.

3. Select the right size according to the body

When choosing sexy underwear, you must pay attention to the size. Different brands may be slightly different in size. It is recommended to buy it after trying it on to ensure the appropriateness of the underwear.If you are not sure of your size, you can observe the label size of the clothes you usually wear, and choose accordingly.

4. Pay attention to materials

Interesting underwear materials should be made of soft silk, cotton, fiber and other materials to adapt to human skin, but should try to avoid chemical fibers such as polyester melting fiber. These fibers are not breathable, which is not conducive to the human body sweat.Or allergies.

5. Consider safety issues

When buying sexy underwear, safety issues also need to be considered.Some of these sexy underwear with hard materials may be stuck in the human organs, causing discomfort or pain, so you must choose carefully.

6. Avoid too tight

Some women may think that tight sexy underwear is more tempting, but if the underwear is too tight, it will limit the stretching operation of the human body, and it will also easily cause skin allergies.Therefore, when choosing underwear, it should be mainly to ensure comfort.


7. Prevent erotic underwear from glowing

When wearing sexy underwear, you should pay attention to whether the underwear is fitted with the body to prevent sexy underwear from glowing.If the underwear is too partial to cause local lack, too small may overflow and so on.

8. Match with clothes

In addition to your own factors, you also need to consider the matching of underwear.Sexy underwear is best to highlight personal charm by carefully matching. In special occasions, you can also use sexy underwear to replace traditional clothing.

in conclusion

In short, choosing sexy underwear is not only considering sexy, but also needs to pay attention to quality, comfort and safety issues. Only in this way can we give full play to the advantages of sexy underwear and show the charm of women.