Sexy underwear suspension strap show

Sexy underwear suspension strap show


Interest underwear is not only a sexy dress, but also a way to show feminine charm.In sexy underwear, the strap is a very tempting and sexy accessory. It can highlight the beautiful leg curve of women and make the underwear worn on the body more perfect.Today, let’s take a closer look at the show of the sexy underwear.

What is a hanging strap

Stockings are accessories for fixing stockings or socks, which are usually composed of trim and strap.The hanging strap can increase the stockings and socks high, highlight the curve and beauty of the legs.Not only that, but also a stressful effect, which can make blood circulation more smooth and achieve a certain health effect.

Types of sexy underwear hanging strap

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In the erotic underwear industry, the types of straps are also very diverse.The sexy underwear straps on the market mainly include L, Y, H, H, V, X, and multi -point type. Each type of suspenders has its unique design characteristics.

How to match a hanging strap

When mating with sexy underwear, the strap needs to be carefully selected.In terms of color selection, we can match different colors of hanging bars, such as black, red, white, etc. according to our underwear color or coat color.In terms of style, we need to choose the best results based on our body and underwear style to achieve the best results.

How to wear stockings

Wearing a hanging strap requires certain skills and experience, especially for women who first come into contact with hanging straps.First of all, we need to put on stockings or socks, then adjust the length of the hanging strap according to our waist circumference, and then clamp the clip in the middle of the hanging strap on the stockings or socks, and finally tie the strap at both ends to the legs.

Maintenance of hanging strap

Although the hanging strap is easy to think of sexy and tempting, we also need to pay attention to its maintenance when we are wearing everyday, so as to make it more durable.When cleaning the hanging strap, you must not wash it with a washing machine, you can only wash it with your hands, otherwise it will damage the material of the strap.After washing, dry it, and do not directly expose it to the sun.

The effect of hanging socks with erotic underwear

The combination of sexy underwear and sling campaign can make women’s charm and sexy disclosure.When we take the show in erotic underwear and hanging socks, we can not only show our charm, but also allow the audience to feel the strong sexy atmosphere of your body.This effect is definitely what a woman expects.

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Interesting underwear suspension strap show popular trend

In recent years, the show underwear hanging socks have become the top priority of many brands.In this catwalk event, many female models are often wearing sexy underwear, with straps on the stage with straps to show women’s beauty and charm.This form can not only make underwear brands better publicity, but also allows more women to understand the purpose and matching method of sexy underwear and strap.


After understanding the matching method, wearing skills, maintenance methods, and popular trends of sexy lingerie sling belts, we can better choose a sling belt that suits us, so that ourselves have a confidence and charm on any occasion.The hanging strap is no longer just a symbol of sexy, but has become an art, a way to show women’s aesthetics.