Sexy underwear swimsuit number

Sexy underwear swimsuit number

Sexy underwear swimsuit number

For those who like sexy underwear and swimsuits, the number must be a basic knowledge that must be known, because different numbers represent different underwear styles.In this article, we will analyze and organize various types of sexy underwear and swimsuit to help you better understand and choose the style that suits you.

1. Sex underwear number number

1.1 "S" series (s Series)

The "S" series is a sexy and comfortable sexy underwear series. It mainly includes sexy suits, sexy underwear, sexy lingerie bra, and sexy underwear.Usually these styles are more suitable for plump figures.

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1.2 "T" series (T "series

The "T" series is a sexy underwear series that highlights the outline of the chest, which is often considered a more passionate and sexy choice.Including various styles of sexy lingerie bra, more skin is usually exposed.

1.3 "V" series (V Series)

The "V" series, like the "T" series of sexy underwear, is full of sexy charm.But the "V" series focuses on creating a slender body and slender legs.This series usually contains perspective skirts, underwear and bra.

1.4 "X" series (X Series)

The "X" series of sexy underwear generally has a unique feel and texture, and after putting them on them, the sexy and charm value of femininity will be greaterly enhanced.Including various styles of sexy underwear, open crotch panties and leggings.

2. Swimsuit number number

2.1 One word collar (138)

One word collar swimsuit means that there is only one thin band fixed in front of the chest, and there are all kinds of designs behind them.It is often called the vest style, suitable for women with smaller bust.


2.2 V -neck (137)

The V -neck swimsuit is one of the most conventional swimsuit styles. It is fixed on the shoulder strap with a thin rope, and the shape is "V".It is more suitable for women with full or larger chest.

2.3 Triangle (139)

Triangular swimsuit is one of the simplest swimsuit styles. You can adjust your tightness according to your preference.Generally suitable for women with Cup below.

2.4 lace (147)

The lace swimsuit uses lace fabrics to incorporate sexy elements into the swimsuit, making women’s skin look smoother.It is very suitable for women with confidence and courage to show their most attractive side.

3. European and American sexy underwear number

3.1 Embroidered underwear (D4217)

Low -key and rich in texture, embroidered underwear is a classic in European and American sexy underwear.Embroidery pattern can make underwear have a texture and give people a sense of high -level.

3.2 lace model (D4016)

Lace underwear is a must -have in European and American sexy underwear.Made with textured lace fabrics, underwear is not only comfortable to wear, but also very beautiful.

3.3 Transparent underwear (D4065)

Transparent underwear is a more avant -garde style in European and beautiful underwear. It will give people a distinctive feeling.Transparent underwear is suitable for those women who are pursuing different people.

4. European and American swimsuit numbers

4.1 Copper Swimsuit (M3566)

The copper -colored swimsuit is a very unique style in European and American swimsuits.Its characteristic is made of high -quality fabrics with bronze color, showing the correct color matching and fashion sense.

4.2 Zebra pattern swimsuit (M3457)

The zebra pattern swimsuit is a more interesting style in the European and American swimsuit. The swimsuit decorated with zebra pattern seems to have a wild style.Suitable for women who want to embellish some small design.

4.3 Pure color swimsuit (M3689)

The solid color swimsuit is one of the most conventional swimsuit styles in European and American swimsuits.Although the appearance looks simple, the combination of texture and style will bring people a sense of comfort and fashion.

In general, there are many types of sexy underwear and swimsuits, with diverse styles, each with different characteristics and suitable for the crowd.It is crucial to choose a style that suits you and reflect your style and personality.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear and swimsuit, spend more time to understand your needs and desires, so as to choose the style that suits you best.