Sexy underwear test clothes to take pictures

Sexy underwear test clothes to take pictures

Sexual underwear test clothes take pictures steps

If you want to buy a sexy underwear that is suitable for you and feel sexy, testing is essential.When trying clothes, in addition to putting on underwear, you also need to pay attention to some details to better choose the underwear that suits you.

Step 1: Choose the right test room

The environment in the test room has a great impact on the effect of the fitting. Choosing a more comfortable and bright test room can better show the effect of underwear.

Step 2: Choose the right underwear style

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Different body and body characteristics are suitable for underwear styles. Before buying, you must understand your body characteristics and choose the style of your own underwear.

Step 3: Put on underwear correctly

When trying the clothes, the correct method of putting on underwear is to put on a cup first, then put the shoulder strap to the correct position, and finally tie the back of the back.After wearing underwear, you can adjust it as needed so that the underwear can better fit the body.

Step 4: Pay attention to underwear materials

Try different underwear materials to understand the degree and comfort of different materials to the body.Some materials may cause itching or allergic reactions, and you need to pay attention.

Step 5: Stand, squat and bend over

Try different actions such as standing, squatting, and bending down to check the fit and comfort of underwear.If the underwear has a loose phenomenon, adjust it in time to ensure the degree of fit.

Step 6: Match suitable accessories

When testing, properly matching some accessories can better display the effect of underwear.You can consider matching accessories such as stockings, high heels to better show the effect of underwear.

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Step 7: Take a picture and take a picture

During the trial, you can record some information such as underwear style, material and other information that you feel suitable.In addition, when taking pictures, you can enlarge the photo and check the details of the underwear.

Step 8: Observation details

When trying clothes, carefully observe the details of the buttons, zippers, and line heads of the underwear to ensure whether there is a quality problem in undoubted underwear.In addition, you must carefully check whether the underwear has deformed and ball.

Conclusion: Testing and taking pictures can improve the efficiency of buying underwear

Take a picture and take a picture of the clothes to better understand your body characteristics, so as to better choose the style of underwear that suits you.Choosing the right underwear can not only improve self -confidence, but also improve the body curve and bring some help to physical health.Therefore, testing and taking pictures are important steps that cannot be ignored when choosing sexy underwear.