Sexy underwear with jeans

Sexy underwear with jeans


Sex underwear is a clothing that enhances sexuality, and jeans are a basic casual pants.When matching, sexy underwear and jeans are a very good match.This article will introduce the matching skills of sexy underwear and jeans to add more interest and fun to your sex life.

color match

When choosing a sexy underwear with jeans, color matching is very important.Light -colored jeans are very suitable for bright colors, such as pink, light purple, light blue, etc.Dark jeans are suitable for dark pornographic underwear, such as black, dark red, dark purple and so on.Of course, if you like to compare, you can choose light pornographic underwear with dark jeans or dark sexy underwear with light -colored jeans.

Material selection

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There are many materials for sexy underwear, such as lace, silk, mesh, leather, etc.When choosing a jeans, you can choose sexy underwear with lace or mesh. This material is good and has a sexy feeling to the overall shape.

Style selection

There are also many styles of erotic underwear, such as bra, bra, panties, sling, etc.When choosing a style, you can match according to your figure and jeans.If you choose to wear tight jeans, you can consider choosing a bra or bra, which can highlight the chest curve.If you choose to wear loose jeans, you can choose a suspender or underwear, which can make your body look more slender.

suitable occasion

When choosing sexy underwear with jeans, you also need to consider the occasion.If you just spend a romantic night with your partner at home, you can choose a more explicit erotic underwear; if you want to go out with your partner, you can selectively match it.

Shoe matching

When choosing sexy underwear and jeans, shoes are also very important.Suitable for sexy underwear and jeans include high heels, pointed shoes and sneakers.High -heeled shoes make your legs look more slender, and pointed shoes will make your feet look slimmer.Sports shoes are very suitable for choosing loose jeans with sexy underwear.

Choose accessories with caution

When choosing sexy underwear and jeans, you need to choose accessories carefully.Too many accessories can make the overall matching too complicated, affecting the entire visual effect.Simple and exquisite accessories will make the whole match look more fresh and simple.

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When choosing sexy underwear and jeans, hairstyles are also part of the need to consider.Long hair and short hair are very suitable for sexy underwear and jeans. If you choose short hair, you can take care of the hairstyle very neatly; if you choose long hair, you can make your hair into a bun or braid. This can increase the overall shape.A little fresh feeling.

Pay attention to

When you choose to be thin and thin, you need to pay attention to the problem.When pairing of light -thin underwear with jeans, you need to match the appropriate inside to avoid embarrassing situations of wearing erotic underwear.


The combination of sexy underwear and jeans can make your sex life more fun and fun.When choosing matching, you need to consider color matching, material selection, style selection, suitable occasion, shoes matching and other issues.I hope the content of this article can help you choose the right sexy underwear and jeans.