Shanghai sex lingerie show large scale

Shanghai sex lingerie show large scale

Shanghai sex lingerie show large scale

As a Chinese business center and a fashion capital of China, Shanghai has always been the weathervane of fashion trends.In this field, the trend of sex underwear shows has become more and more popular, and it is more and more bold.Now let’s take a look at the bold design and large -scale elements in the Shanghai Sex Underwear Show.

1. Super short underwear

More and more designers have begun to make underwear smaller, and the size is getting closer to three points.This change fully shows women’s figure, and it is easier to show sexy effects on the stage.

2. Perspective design

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Many designers have made perspective designs a frequent visitor to underwear show.Perspective bra and perspective underwear reveal the key parts of a person, so that the audience can feel the charm and present the artistic nature of the design.

3. Leather clothing

Leather clothing is very popular in sexy underwear, especially on the underwear show in Shanghai.The texture made of leather makes the overall effect more layered, and has the charm and sexy characteristics.

4. Stockings matching

Stockings are an indispensable element in the sexy lingerie show.It improves visual effects, highlights the beautiful legs of women, and also reflects the mystery and sexy beauty of women.

5. Low -cut design

In the Shanghai sex lingerie show, low -cut design can often be seen.The designers chose sexy underwear to emphasize the body’s body curve, making the effect more charming.

6. Sequenant decoration

Seven can increase the artistic and fashion index of underwear, adding more interest to the underwear show.In modern popularity underwear shows, sequins are also a very popular element.

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7. Leopard style

Leopard design often appears in sexy underwear, and this element is becoming more and more recognized by designers.The addition of leopard elements fully shows the wild nature and sexy of women.

8. Three -point underwear

Three -point underwear can be considered one of the classic elements in the sexy underwear show.It shows the beautiful curve of the body, and also makes us feel the perfect combination of body and sexy.

9. Cute printing

Cute printing has also become a trend of sexy lingerie show, and few people can resist their cuteness.Designers have adopted various print patterns, such as animal printing, rose prints, etc., which are very wonderful.

10. subculture style

On the stage of the sexy lingerie show, we can often see the elements of subculture style.For example, metal accessories, tattoo patterns, jewelry, etc. The addition of these elements makes the overall design more layered and presents more fashion elements.

in conclusion

The Shanghai sex lingerie show is famous for its bold, innovative, and challenging tradition. Their design is not only the underwear itself, but also the music, matching, step step, and so on. Each catwalk is a feast.Undoubtedly, the sexy underwear show has become an indispensable part of displaying modern fashion culture and popular elements.