Shu’s earliest sexy underwear show

Shu's earliest sexy underwear show

Shu’s earliest sexy underwear show

Background introduction

Shu is a brand that focuses on sexy underwear. Since its establishment, it has been loved by many young women.In the early days of the establishment of the brand, the earliest sexy underwear show held by Shu also won the attention of many people.

The time and place of Shu’s earliest sex lingerie show

The earliest Shusu Underwear Show was held in 1999 and was displayed at the Shanghai International Fashion Exhibition at the time.

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The theme of Shu’s earliest sexy lingerie show

At that time, the theme of Shu’s Interest Underwear Show was "the perfect combination of sexy and personality."Through this display, Shu hopes to pass a independent, confident and charming attitude to young women.

The stage design of Shu’s earliest sex lingerie show

The stage design of Shu’s earliest sex lingerie show is relatively simple, with only a white T -shaped table.However, the audience is a large black carpet area, which is very conspicuous.

The style of Shu’s earliest sex lingerie show

The sexy underwear of that era still stayed in the traditional style, but Shu broke this rule with a unique design.The perspective and hollow design make it sexy, while also showing women’s unruly and freedom.

The model of Shu’s earliest sexy lingerie show

At that time, Shu Xiu’s model was not from the popular long -legged supermodels at the time, but some civilian girls who indirectly conveyed the brand concept.They do not focus on personal characteristics, but show the perfect image representing women of the same age.

Shuxiu field effect

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As an important degree of brand upgrade, the Shu Saito Underwear Show has achieved good results.The display of new sexy underwear has also conveyed the brand concept, which is of great significance for the brand in the future market competition.

The impact of the earliest sexy lingerie show on the market and industry

The earliest sexy underwear show in Shu played a certain role in promoting the domestic sexy underwear market and the entire underwear industry.It breaks consumers ‘inherent impression of sexy underwear and increases consumers’ needs for sexy underwear for fashion.

The current situation of the sex underwear market today

Today, the sex underwear market has become a market with development potential.There are more and more brands, and design is becoming more and more diversified.The future development trend is: materials are becoming more and more important, creativity is becoming more and more important.


Interest underwear is a new type of underwear culture, a kind of underwear style in the new era.Interest underwear is not only a kind of innovation, but also a kind of clothing that represents fashion trends.In the future market, the sexy underwear market will be bigger and more fashionable and personalized.