Sitting in sex underwear and taking bus

Sitting in sex underwear and taking bus

1 Introduction

Sexy, elegant, sexy, and teasing, these are the beautiful experiences brought to us in erotic underwear.And sitting in a busy underwear to take a bus, adding a mysterious charm.Today, let’s talk about some topics of sitting in sexy underwear and bus.

2. Choose the right sexy underwear

When wearing a sexy underwear when taking a bus, the first thing to ensure is comfort.Therefore, when selecting the material and size of the sexy lingerie, you need to pay special attention to your body and size.At the same time, you must choose the style and color that conform to your own style, body shape, and ensure that you can show the beautiful figure after wearing it, but it will not bring discomfort to the people around you.

3. Avoid inappropriate display

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Although wearing erotic underwear is not necessarily inappropriate in public, it still needs to pay attention to the appropriateness of the display.When wearing sexy underwear, pay attention to covering the necessary parts, including sensitive parts such as nipples, lower body, to avoid excessive exposure to the people around them.

4. Choose the right external wear

If you choose to wear sexy underwear in public, we can choose to match some suitable wearing clothes.For example, you can choose a long jacket or windbreaker so that there are some covering and protection effects in the process of taking the car.At the same time, you can also choose a simple and soft match for stripes, printing, etc., making the overall dress more harmonious.

5. Guarantee personal hygiene

Wearing sexy underwear while taking a car, hygiene has also become a key issue.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, choose those materials that are easy to clean and disinfection.At the same time, you must often clean and change sexy underwear to ensure personal hygiene.

6. Avoid unnecessary showing off

Wearing sexy underwear in public is not to show off yourself, but to better show your beauty, and add a mysterious charm to yourself.Therefore, we must avoid unnecessary showing off behaviors, wearing sexy underwear low -key and naturally.

7. Consider the feelings of the people around

During the car, we are not alone, but traveling with people around.Therefore, when wearing sexy underwear, we also need to consider the feelings of people around.In order not to affect the good mood of the people around us, we need to maintain a decent posture and try to leave a beautiful and suitable impression on others.

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8. Sexy underwear matching precautions

You need to pay attention to some details in sexy underwear with clothing.For example, do not choose too fancy jackets or pants to avoid unnecessary conflict with erotic underwear; you must choose shoe and socks matched with sexy underwear to bring more perfect presentation to the entire dress.

9. Understand sexy underwear maintenance

The maintenance and cleaning of sexy underwear is also very important.There are different ways to wash and save the sexy underwear of different materials.Therefore, when wearing sexy underwear, we must also know how to maintain sexy underwear.According to different materials, choose the suitable cleaning and preservation method to extend the service life of sexy underwear.

10. End view

Sitting in a sexy underwear and a bus, this is not a rare thing.We can wear sexy underwear, show a beautiful figure, and add mysterious charm.But at the same time, we also need to follow the principles of basic wearing to avoid inappropriate display, pay attention to personal hygiene, and respect the feelings of people around them.Keep a good attitude and leave a good impression on yourself and people around you.