Stars who have taken sex underwear

Stars who have taken sex underwear

1 Introduction

In the entertainment industry, sexy underwear is no longer a taboo topic. More and more stars have begun to contact, try to take sexy underwear photos, or directly wear sexy underwear to appear, becoming the focus of the topic.

2. Liu Shishi

Liu Shishi once shot a set of sexy photos in a brand’s sexy underwear advertisement, wearing black lace -loaded load -loving underwear, showing a perfect figure.

3. Fan Bingbing

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Fan Bingbing once played the role of Mei Miao woman in "Dream of Red Lou", and wearing various styles of sexy underwear many times, showing the perfect figure curve.

4. Faye Wong

Faye Wong once endorsed the brand, and in a group of photos, wearing purple pornographic underwear, showing sexy, and highlighting the mature and noble temperament.

5. Gao Yuanyuan

Gao Yuanyuan once put on sexy underwear in "Love Apartment" and turned into a sexy female man.This shape not only conforms to the characteristics of the character, but also caters to the audience’s expectations of her.

6. Yang Mi

When Yang Mi filmed the movie "Rugao Biography", she also dressed in sexy underwear to shoot advertising movies. She was slim in front of the camera to show her extraordinary charm.

7. Lin Zhiling

Lin Zhiling has always been the spokesperson of the sexy underwear brand. Her figure curve is very picky, and the sexy temperament that shows has attracted a lot of fans’ attention.


8. Li Yuchun

Li Yuchun has taken a set of sexy photos in a magazine. She is wearing black silk and sexy underwear, with simple and bright lines. Her unique temperament and personalized style are full of infectious power.

9. Zhen Huan Biography

In the TV series "Zhen Huan Biography", the actors wearing a variety of sexy underwear with different styles, whether they are delicate or fresh, show different charm.

10. Summary

Interest underwear has become a popular trend in the fashion industry, and it has also become an excellent choice for celebrities to show off their figure charm.I believe that sex underwear will continue to attract more people’s attention and sought after.