Stranging socks, sexy underwear

Stranging socks, sexy underwear

In recent years, sexy underwear has become more and more popular in the women’s supplies market.As a member of the sexy underwear, the suspender socks have attracted the attention of countless women with their unique charm.Stranging socks Instead, not only the female body curve is highlighted, but also the sexy atmosphere of women can be added. Let us understand the suspenders socks.

First, what is a suspender socks and sexy underwear?

Stranging socks are a special sexy underwear, composed of tops and straps socks.The top of the top is usually a bra, and the hanging sticks are usually composed of two camisars in the middle of the leg.

2. Types of hanging stockings

There are many types of suspenders socks, including vest type, wide version, shoulder strap, and tight band straps socks.These styles are suitable for different figures and personal styles, and can be selected as needed.

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Third, the material of the suspender socks of sexy underwear

Study socks are usually transparent, such as lace, gauze and mesh.These materials can highlight the body curve of women while increasing sexy atmosphere.

Fourth, sling sock socks of sex underwear

Because the upper and lower parts of the suspender socks cooperate with each other, the correct size is very critical.When choosing a suspender socks, you must pay attention to the accuracy of the size.

Fifth, the color of the suspender socks of sexy underwear

The color choice of suspenders socks is also very important. Generally, black, white, red, and pink are the main colors. These colors are easier to match with other colors of sexy underwear, making women more styling.

6. Matching of suspenders socks of sexy underwear

When pairing with a suspender socks, you can choose to match with sexy high heels or boots, so as to better highlight the advantages of women’s figure.In addition, with other erotic underwear, such as bra and thong, are also a great choice.

7. How to clean the suspenders socks and sexy underwear

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Cleaning of suspenders socks is very important. It cannot be washed with strong cleaners or high -temperature water.It is best to use warm water and neutral cleaner for gently cleaning. After cleaning, remember to dry it naturally, and you cannot use high temperature appliances such as dryers.

8. Applicable occasions of suspenders socks of sexy underwear

Stranging socks are suitable for wearing in sex parties, wedding parties, dances and nightclubs, which can make women more confident and charming.

Nine, suspenders sock socks of sexy underwear

The price of suspenders socks is relatively high, because its materials and production processes are relatively good.However, because of good quality, it is more comfortable and confident.

10. Summary

Stranging socks and sexy underwear are a very special and sexy sexy underwear. Its unique material and design can highlight the body curve of women and increase the sexy atmosphere of women.At the same time, because of the different occasions and matching, the suspenders socks are also very practical.If you want to show your confidence and charming side, try a suspender socks and sexy underwear.