Swimwear erotic underwear open crotch beauty

Swimwear erotic underwear open crotch beauty

Swimwear erotic underwear open crotch beauty

Summer has arrived, and the beach and swimming pools have begun to become lively.At this time, the combination of swimsuits and sexy underwear -swimwear sex lingerie also began to seize the market.Swimsuit erotic underwear open crotch beauty, women wearing it not only are no longer restrained by the water, but also show their sexy charm.Next, we will learn about the charm of swimwear sexy underwear.

Design of Swimwear sex underwear

Swimming sexy underwear combines the advantages of swimsuits and sexy lingerie.There are generally bold tailors in design to reveal the body curve of women as much as possible.At the same time, there are many changes in the design, such as V -type collar, shear, tied, vests, bikini and other types.

The material of the swimsuit sex lingerie

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Materials have a great impact on the texture and dressing of swimwear sex underwear.The air like the beach or the swimming pool is more humid, and the direct irradiation of the sunlight, all need to choose the appropriate fabric.The fabrics of swimsuit sexy underwear are generally divided into polyester fibers and nylon, and more than ordinary swimsuits, sex swimwear bias to use thin fabrics, which is also to wear more sexy.

The color of the swimsuit sex lingerie

The color of the swimsuit can also increase different female charm.The brand’s color design team often chooses bright colors and visual impact pictures for swimwear sex underwear, such as glittering bright yellow, purple -red, and so on.These fashionable colors and designs can make you the focus of others’ attention by the water.

The way of swimwear sex underwear wearing

The way of swimwear erotic underwear is both a complete set and a split type, but here we mainly introduce the split type.The split -style swimwear erotic underwear must be put on the sexy underwear, and then wears swimming trunks, or choose a low -waist swimsuit to wear it.

Swimwear sex underwear style

The swimsuit has a lot of lingerie styles, and the brands are becoming bolder and designed many more sexy and bold styles.For example, Bikini bra+small underwear lanyard, Bandeau camisole, deep V swimsuit, etc.

Swimwear erotic underwear matching

The matching of swimwear erotic underwear is also very important. Suitable combinations can make your swimsuit sexy underwear more sexy. For example, you can match high -heeled shoes or fit skirts to increase comprehensive matching effects.

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Swimwear sex underwear maintenance

The maintenance of swimwear erotic underwear is also important. Swimming sexy underwear needs to be cleaned frequently. After soaking in water, dry it as soon as possible.You can also choose some professional washing fluids in maintenance. These washing fluids gently clean your swimsuit sexy underwear.

Swimwear erotic underwear experience

It is a special experience in wearing swimsuit and sexy underwear by the water.When you are wearing, pay attention to grasping the test and dressing effect to avoid being unsuitable to wear.In addition, wearing swimwear sex underwear must be prepared for psychological preparations in order to truly show your sexy side.


The charm of swimwear erotic underwear is that it is the perfect combination of two different clothing, allowing women to show their perfect figure and sexy charm by the water.However, it should be noted that wearing swimwear and sexy underwear requires the correct mentality and self -confidence in order to better show beauty and charm.