Taiwanese sexy underwear model catwalk show

Taiwanese sexy underwear model catwalk show


Interest underwear has always been a size choice, making women no longer shy.In Taiwan, sexy underwear is a big event.These models in various styles of sexy underwear have brought the ultimate experience to the audience.


Taiwan’s sexy lingerie catwalk can be traced back to the 1980s. At that time, models of only a group of Kirow Club walked on the runway to show customers new underwear styles.Later, sex underwear brands such as "Rise" and "Fulia" also joined in. This carnival has become a famous event in Taiwan.


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The sexy lingerie in Taiwan is self -contained, with distinctive colors, exquisite design, gorgeous lighting, and superb performance skills of models. Many fans go to watch.The sexy underwear catwalk is particularly that Taiwanese models can always show the underwear beyond sex, and there are many fancy display, such as the Fireworks Show Series.

Theme and style

The interesting underwear catwalks in Taiwan are still exploring, and there are different themes and style designs every year.For example, some brands will launch a large stage across the audience, full of colorful lights, and models will wear different underwear display for physical art.Other brands will choose more dazzling patterns and embroidery to reflect the characteristics of brand underwear.

Use of folk elements

It is slightly different from the sexy lingerie show in Europe and the United States. The sexy underwear catwalk in Taiwan pays great attention to the use of folk elements, such as lion dance, mushroom head, golden gate fan, big face doll, Cai Lao, etc.The combination of sexy underwear with these folk elements makes people have to admire the creativity and the expressiveness of the designer.

DIY underwear catwalk show

One of the major features of sexy underwear catwalks in Taiwan is DIY underwear catwalk show.This is not only an ordinary catwalk, but also a personalized underwear designed and produced by the contestants to enter the catwalk. This new model undoubtedly creates a new height of taste consumption.

Brand and price

Many underwear brands in Taiwan will participate in sexy underwear catwalks, such as "Flair", "text, poetry creative underwear", "goddess forest" and other brands.And these sexy underwear are higher, but the quality is very good, and it pays more attention to important concepts such as "personal" and "comfort".


Impact on women

Interest underwear catwalks can make women no longer think of sexy wrong, and more confidently meet various challenges in life.Underwear is no longer pure sexy, but more like a symbol of women’s beauty.Underwear is not only a basic clothing, but also an important element that reflects personal style and life taste.

The future of the show

As a characteristic culture of Taiwan’s sexy underwear, it has won the love of many audiences.In the future, the fun underwear catwalk will continue to change and improve, and more brands will also join it, bringing different visual enjoyment to the audience.


Interesting underwear catwalk has become an important cultural and business activities in Taiwan, providing people with a richer life experience.The design and display of these path underwear are not only sexy, but also the taste of art.