Take a tool to shoot sexy underwear


The shooting of sexy underwear is a headache for many photographers, because the style of sex underwear is diverse, special texture, and need to consider physical and temperament during shooting, and some special tools and skills are needed when shooting.

Ready shooting tool

After completing a perfect sexy underwear shooting, you must first prepare some tools.For example: cameras, lamps, tripods, screens, anti -light boards, soft boxes, special lenses, and so on.These tools can be selected according to different sexy underwear and customer needs.

Select shooting venue

According to different sexy underwear style and customer needs, it is also important to choose different shooting venues.For example: rich lights can be selected indoors for shooting, and outdoor can be used to shoot with light and shadow and background.The shooting venue can inject more emotions and meanings into sexy underwear.

Create a suitable lighting effect

The role of lighting is to highlight the characteristics of sexy underwear and emphasize the details of styles, colors and patterns.When shooting, the design and adjustment of the light need to be handled carefully.By changing the lights, adding filters or using a soft light box, it creates the most suitable light and shadow effect that is most suitable for sexy underwear.

Use reflective board and screen auxiliary shooting

Reflective boards and screens are very common in shooting. They can be used to provide soft and bright light for erotic underwear through light sources such as sunlight, reduce the effects of shadow, and make the patterns and colors of sexy underwear more vivid and natural.

Use the lens to shoot

With different special shots, you can inject different elements and rich expressiveness into sexy underwear.For example: Fish Eye lens can shoot sexy underwear to shoot an interesting perspective, and macro lenss can enlarge the details and highlight the design of sexy underwear.

Pay attention to sexy underwear details

There are many design of sexy underwear, and there are many details. When shooting, not only should it highlight the theme and color, but also pay attention to the grasp of the details.For example: buttons, lace, detail patterns, etc., they need to be presented during the shooting process to meet customer needs.

Follow the model shape and temperament

Model choices are also of great significance to shooting, and models must meet the characteristics of sexy underwear and customer needs.In the process of selection, you need to consider whether the model and temperament of the model are suitable for the style and style of this sexy underwear.

Post -processing and trimming

After the shooting is completed, post -processing and repair are also needed.In later treatment, color adjustments, light and shadow enhancement, background changes, etc. can be performed to make the effect of sexy underwear better.When repairing the map, the software can be used for beauty and removal of defects, making the final finished product more perfect.


For the shooting of sexy underwear, you need to choose the appropriate shooting tools and venues, design the appropriate lighting effect, pay attention to details and models and temperament of the model, as well as later processing and map repair. Only in this way can the perfect shooting effect be obtained.I hope this article can help people who want to shoot in love underwear.

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