Tanabata Send Fun Pleuel

1. The significance of sending sexy underwear on Valentine’s Day

On July 7th of the lunar calendar every year, it is the traditional Chinese festival "Qioxixi Valentine’s Day".As one of the ways of Valentine’s Day, sending love underwear has become one of the ways people express their love and enhance interest.Interest underwear not only shows the charm of women, but also enhances the taste and passion of sex life.

2. Recommendation for Qixi for different relationships to send sexy underwear

When buying a Tanabata gift, the relationship between the two parties should be considered.For the first love lover, you can choose the cute and cute lace pants and bra.For couples, you can choose sexy underwear with healthy functions, such as enhanced chest -shaped breasts and bras, or G D -dot massage pants that improve sexual life.

3. Choosing the right size is the key

When buying sexy underwear, it is important to choose the right size.Make sure the underwear is not too tight or hypertrophy.You can refer to the size of each brand on the basis of usual purchase experience. You can also try it on in the store to ensure that the purchased underwear size is suitable for you.

4. Choose the right fabric and style

When buying sexy underwear, don’t just look at beautiful styles and lace lace.When choosing, pay attention to the fabric.High -quality materials can be worn more comfortably and do not have a adverse effect on the skin.In addition, choose the right style, and choose the appropriate color, shape and texture according to your own needs.

5. Pay attention to hygiene issues

Interest underwear is a private item, and it must be ensured that its hygiene.When buying, be sure to choose unwanted packaging.After purchasing, you must clean it before you wear it.In addition, pay attention to underwear maintenance to keep the underwear dry and clean.

6. The matching skills of sexy underwear

Sex underwear can be worn alone or paired with.For example, cooperation with sexy high heels, lace camisrets or transparent socks can produce more beautiful effects.

Seven, the color meaning of the color of sex underwear

Different colors can convey different styles and emotions.For example, rose red and pink can know the feeling of romance and sweetness, while black and red are more sexy and exposed.When choosing, you can choose the right color according to your needs and the information you want to convey.

Eight, sexy underwear brand recommendation

There are many erotic underwear brands in the market, such as Victoria’s Secrets, Tomowo, etc.These brands are famous for their rich styles, comfortable fabrics, and excellent quality.When choosing a brand, pay attention to the brand’s reputation and reputation.

Nine, the introduction channel introduction of sexy underwear

There are a variety of purchase channels for sexy underwear. You can choose to go to shopping malls, specialty stores, and online shopping.Before choosing, you can do your homework and learn about each brand, style and size.When buying, pay attention to factors such as price, brand and after -sales service.

10. Conclusion

The Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Lover can not only convey love, but also increase the fun life of both sides.When buying, choose the appropriate style, color and size according to your needs.When wearing and maintenance, we must also pay attention to hygiene, matching and maintenance.Choosing the right brand and channels, it is also very important to buy cost -effective sexy underwear.

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