Taobao fashion ah yy sexy underwear


Interest underwear is one of the necessary daily necessities for thousands of women.As we all know, Taobao is a paradise for women’s shopping. It has a variety of sexy underwear, so that women can freely buy sexy underwear suitable for their own style without going out.So how do you choose the latest and most fashionable YY sexy underwear on Taobao?This is the issue that this article focuses on exploring.

Diverse style

The sexy lingerie on Taobao has a variety of styles, from sexually pure, from European and American style to Japanese style.Different women can find their own styles and wear confidently at home.

Pay attention

The fun underwear size of each brand is slightly different, so pay attention to the selection of the size when buying sexy underwear.It is recommended to measure your bust, waist and hips, and then select the size to ensure comfortable dressing.

Material selection

The erotic underwear of different materials has different feel and texture. When choosing, pay attention to your preferences and skin texture.For example, silk and lace are more friendly to the skin, while fiber material is more breathable.

Accessory design

Some sexy underwear has beautiful accessories, such as beads, bows, ribbons, etc.These accessories can increase the beauty of underwear, but it also causes difficulty in wearing underwear and needs to be selected according to its needs and preferences.

Color matching

Sexy underwear of different colors will create different atmospheres. For example, black sexy underwear will appear sexy, and red sexy underwear is hotter.Select according to different occasions and needs.

Moly consideration

A small comfort underwear is likely to be disturbed by your day. Therefore, when buying, do not pursue excessive sexy appearance, but also consider the comfort of underwear to ensure your comfort.

Brand reputation

The brand reputation of sexy underwear is also one of the factors that need attention when choosing.The brand reputation of sexy underwear manufacturers usually design reasonable design, excellent craftsmanship, comfortable material, and reliable quality. It is a good choice.


On Taobao, the price of sexy underwear ranges from tens of yuan, and the price does not necessarily represent quality and bad quality.However, products with too low prices often have defects in materials, technology, and quality, and choose carefully.

User Evaluation Reference

When buying sexy underwear on Taobao, it is recommended to refer to the evaluation of other users.User evaluation can reflect the advantages and disadvantages of the product from the aspects of appearance, quality, size, service and other aspects. It is a very important basis for choice.


On Taobao, finding the YY sexy underwear that suits you best does not require too many skills and experience. As long as you have patience and some common sense, you can find a product that suits you.In summary, from the considerations, sizes, materials, accessories, color, color, comfort, brand reputation, price and other factors, the perfect YY sexy underwear will naturally appear in front of your eyes.

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