Taobao female shop owner takes photos for sex underwear

Taobao female shop owner takes pictures of sexy underwear?is this real?

When buying sexy underwear on Taobao, you may notice that many sellers will attach some models to wearing this underwear.However, have you noticed that some sellers’ photos seem "vivid", like photos taken by ordinary people by themselves?It is said that these photos were taken by the seller himself, so what is the truth about the Taobao female shop owner taking pictures of sexy underwear?

Why do Taobao women’s shops take photos mainly?

First of all, we need to be a little more clear. The Taobao female shop owner himself is not illegal to take pictures of sexy underwear.Compared to asking professional models, the cost of taking photos is much lower, which is why many small shops choose to do it by themselves.In addition, the Taobao female shop owner has a benefit of taking pictures themselves, that is, it can better show the effect of underwear and provide customers with a more real and intuitive experience.

So what is the effect of taking pictures yourself?

There is no doubt that compared with professional model shooting, the effect of taking photos may be slightly inferior.Because most Taobao female shop owners do not have professional photography equipment, and they do not have much photography skills.However, if you find an experienced shop owner, she will definitely know how to choose angles, light, etc., and how to adjust the colors and other parameters to make the effect of underwear more prominent.

How to judge whether the photo is really taken by the owner?

If you buy a sexy underwear and want to judge whether the photo is really taken by the owner, you can start from the following aspects:

First of all, see if the color of the photo is true and natural, and whether it is in line with the real thing.

Secondly, please pay attention to whether the model’s background is shot in your own room, such as some furniture, background walls, etc.

Also, if the owner shows his face in the photo, it may be a proof.

What do you need to pay attention to when taking pictures yourself?

Although taking pictures by yourself is more cost -effective than asking professional models to shoot, there are also some places to pay attention to:

First of all, you must pay attention to your environmental hygiene when shooting, and keep it clean and clean.

Secondly, try to use some simple photography equipment, such as tripods, self -timer rods, etc. to stabilize the photo.

Finally, don’t beautify too much, try to present the most authentic effect.

What is the difference between the photos taken by the Taobao female shopkeeper and the photos taken by professional models?

There is no doubt that compared to the photos taken by professional models, the photos taken by Taobao female shopkeepers themselves may be slightly inferior.However, the photos you take are more real and natural, and you can better present the effect of underwear for customers.The photos taken by professional models may go through some post -processing, and the effect will be more gorgeous.

So which one should I choose?

There is actually no absolute answer in this question.If you have strict requirements for the color, material, etc. of the underwear, it is recommended to choose a photo taken by professional models; if you pay more attention to the effect of underwear and hope to get a more real and intuitive experience, then the Taobao female shop owner takes it by himselfThe photos may be more suitable for you.


In general, the Taobao female shop owner is not illegal to take pictures of his sexy underwear, and there are some benefits.If you encounter this kind of photo when you buy underwear, you can refer to the above method to judge the authenticity. What style of photos you choose will be determined by yourself.

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