Taobao sex lingerie complaint


As a sexy underwear industry practitioner, Taobao platform is one of our most commonly used sales channels.But recently, there have been some problems in the shopping experience, and we have received some complaints against sexy underwear.


The content of the complaint involves the quality of sex underwear, inaccurate size, and slow logistics.

Quality issues

Some customers report that the sexy underwear they received is inconsistent with the pictures or descriptions on the website.For example, the picture shows transparent materials, but in fact, it receives opaque and does not match the description.Such questions will bring misunderstandings and dissatisfaction to customers. It is recommended that the website describes and verify its accuracy before taking pictures.

Inaccurate size

In addition, some complaints involve the size of the size and need to be adjusted.Size is a very important part of the shopping experience. If the size of the size is inaccurate, customers are very easy to feel dissatisfied.It is recommended that the website improves the size of the size, improves the accuracy of the size standard, and add clearer and clearer information to the product description bar.

Slow logistics

There are also some customers who are dissatisfied with the time for sex underwear. They think that time is too long and dissatisfied with service.Especially when buying private underwear such as sexy underwear, customers may need faster delivery time.It is recommended to provide customers with more accurate delivery time before delivery, so that customers can better understand the delivery time and handle it reasonably.

After -sales service is not timely

As a practitioner in the sexy underwear industry, after -sales service is a very important link.However, in some cases, there is a problem with the products purchased by customers, but they cannot be resolved in time.The after -sales service is not timely, it is very frustrating for customers. It is recommended that the website strengthen the training of after -sales service departments and improve the quality of after -sales service.

The price

Price factor is also one of the important factors affecting the shopping experience.Sometimes the price on the website does not match the actual price, which will cause confusion and dissatisfaction to customers.It is recommended to review the prices of all products and ensure the accuracy and fairness of the price.


In addition to complaints, we also received praise about quality.Some customers think that the quality of our products is very good and as described.This is very important for brand loyalty and reputation.We must always pay attention to customer feedback to improve the quality of the product and meet the needs of customers.


In summary, we recommend that websites strengthen their own management and services in all aspects, especially in terms of quality control, distribution speed and after -sales service.We should continue to study market demand and improve our products and services to obtain a better shopping experience.

in conclusion

In the market of sexy underwear, there are still problems with quality, size, logistics, and after -sales service, but we should strengthen our own management and services as mentioned earlier.Only in this way can we provide customers with the best shopping experience, improve our brand loyalty and reputation, and also make greater contributions to the development of the entire industry.

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