Taobao sex underwear illegal word

What is sexy underwear illegal words

There are many regulations and requirements on the Taobao platform, and the seller must strictly abide by it. Among them, it is one of them.The illegal word of sex underwear refers to the use of the unused vocabulary specified in the Taobao platform in the product title, description, picture, etc., and it will be removed by the platform once it is found, and it will even affect the store credit rating.

Frequent erotic underwear prohibited words

Here are some common sexy underwear prohibited words:





Sex slave






Why not use sexy underwear illegal words

In order to maintain the normal order of the platform and ensure the rights of consumers, the Taobao platform has made a series of restrictions on the description, publicity and sale of sexy underwear to ensure that there will be no illegal, prohibited, bad products and content in it.Appear.

Severe of sexy underwear prohibited words

Once the sexual underwear is discovered and handled by the platform, it will bring irreparable losses to the seller.Because the store credit rating will be affected, this makes it difficult for stores to get higher credit levels and lead to a decline in store rankings. The speed of sales and fans will also be limited, and will eventually reduce the revenue of the store.

How to prevent the use of sexy underwear prohibited words

In order to avoid the use of prohibited words by mistake, the seller needs to achieve the following points:

Read the terms and regulations of the Taobao platform carefully.

Strictly follow the description, title, picture and other content in strict accordance with the platform requirements.

Avoid using improper terms and adjectives, such as avoiding "sex" and other sensational words.

Check your products regularly and find possible violations.

How to deal with products that have

If a product is detected by the system during the sales process, the seller needs to change the description, title, picture and other content of the product.After the product is removed, the seller should contact the platform customer service in a timely manner and provide the modified product data in order to re -review it.

Use related tools to prevent sexy underwear prohibited words

With the development of artificial intelligence technology, it can use related natural language processing technology to automatically detect the description and title of products to avoid misuse of prohibited words.In addition, the Taobao platform also provides related tools to assist sellers to manage their own stores, and sellers can use these tools to improve the efficiency and accuracy of store management.

The rationality of Taobao sex underwear prohibited words

Although the emergence of sexy underwear’s prohibited words will have a certain negative impact on the operation of some sellers, the provisions of Taobao platforms are very reasonable and necessary for the entire market and consumers.The emergence of this provision is not to limit or suppress sellers, but to protect the normal order of the entire market and the interests of consumers, strengthen the supervision of merchants and selling goods, ensure the quality of goods, create a fair, justice, healthy shopping shoppingenvironment.

in conclusion

Interesting underwear prohibited words are prohibited on the Taobao platform. The seller needs to strictly abide by the platform regulations, avoid misuse of prohibited words, prevent the product from being removed, avoid negative effects on the credit rating of the store, improve the efficiency and accuracy of their store management, and also improve their store management efficiency and accuracy.Commercial behavior is engaged in law, justice, morality and social values.

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