Taobao sex underwear shooting process


After buying sexy underwear on Taobao, you need to prepare before shooting.First, confirm whether the photography equipment is ready, including cameras, lenses, lights and tripods.Secondly, you need to prepare cosmetics, hairstyles and props for models.Finally, composition design and shooting scene planning before shooting.

Model selection

When choosing a model, you must consider whether its shape, body shape and temperament meet the requirements of sexy underwear.At the same time, the model’s shooting experience and expressiveness are also a factor that must be considered.Regarding the performance and status of models in the shooting process, photographers need to communicate and guide close -up to achieve the best shooting results.


The matching of sexy underwear is essential for the quality and effect of shooting results.First, according to the style, color and texture of the underwear, match the corresponding shoes, socks and accessories.Secondly, in some scenarios, the process of changing models needs to be photographed, which requires a variety of sexy underwear.

Light settings

When shooting sexy underwear, the setting of light is particularly important, because changes in light will directly affect the true presentation of the underwear.The photographer needs to choose the appropriate lighting and lighting strength, angle, and direction settings to create the best light and shadow effect.

Composition design

The composition design refers to the reasonable layout of the scene and arrange the camera angle and the focal length of the lens in the shooting, so that the comfortable and natural presentation effect can be photographed.The photographer needs to choose the best shooting angle and focal length, so that the details and curves of sexy underwear are displayed to the best display.

Model Pose Guidance

During the shooting, the posture of the model is also a key factor affecting the shooting effect.The photographer needs to guide the model and movement of the model.This includes the naturalness and tension of the posture, the dramatic and relaxed expression of expressions, as well as the lines of the model’s limbs and the comfort of the sitting position.


After the shooting is completed, post -production needs to be performed.The main work that photographers need to do include: select the best photos, make basic colors and brightness adjustments, modify the skin color and makeup of the model, and add special effects and backgrounds.

Sample review

After completing the post -production, the photographer needs to submit the shooting samples to the customer for review.Customers will conduct a detailed inspection of shooting samples, including color, details, styles and effects.Customers will judge the sample based on the results of the review and make opinions and suggestions.

Sample samples on sale

After the sample review, the photographer will put the sample on the Taobao shop for sale.When it is put on the shelves, you need to make the promotional pictures and text descriptions of sexy underwear, and stipulate the price and service guarantee clauses.Photographers need to ensure that all the information uploaded is accurate to attract more customers.


The shooting process of sexy underwear is a complex process that contains many links and details. Photographers and models need to work together to achieve the best shooting results.During the shooting, pay attention to the setting of light and the model of the model is the two most critical links, which directly affect the shooting effect.At the same time, later production and sample review are also unrelenting. They can effectively improve the quality and effect of shooting.By continuously accumulating experience and improving shooting methods, photographers can continuously improve the quality and effect of sexy underwear shooting.

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