Taobao sex underwear shop owner himself shot


Interest underwear is no longer a mysterious topic, and this underwear has gradually become a part of women’s fashion.On Taobao and other e -commerce platforms, there are many sexy underwear shops that provide various styles and materials underwear, but do you want to know what the owner himself is like?In this article, I will share my real photos with you, so that you can better understand the integrity of the sexy underwear stores I run.

who I am?

I am the owner who often contacted when you buy sexy underwear. My name is Xiao Nizi.I have always been committed to helping you choose a sexy underwear that suits you. My shop has opened for many years. I firmly believe that only integrity operations can better serve customers.

Store construction

When you enter my shop, you will find that my shop decoration is simple, without excessive tedious patterns or colors.This is because my focus is to let customers focus on product characteristics rather than shop decoration.All product details are displayed in the form of pictures and text, so that customers can better choose their underwear that suits them.

Selfie real shot

In my shop, you can see many product pictures, and these pictures are largely taken by me.I think the main reason for doing this is to truly show the real effects and sizes of sexy underwear.Only in this way can you more accurately understand the quality, materials and size of the purchased underwear.

answer the questions

There are very detailed explanations on all underwear in my shop. I list important information such as size, materials, washing methods, and the comfort of wearing.In addition, I will answer any questions that customers have raised before buying, such as whether the underwear contains redness, whether the panties are too prominent, and whether they can adjust the ECT.


If you find any flaws after receiving the product, please contact me right away.My return policy is very loose. Of course, it also follows the requirements of Taobao. I will return your fee according to the prescribed process (note: only the refund does not include the refund).My purpose is to let you see my shop as a trusted business institution.

Warehouse management

It is very important to be able to ship as scheduled and meet the requirements for any e -commerce merchant.In order to do this, my employees have received professional training to ensure that each delivery is accurate.And my warehouse is cleaned twice a week to ensure the quality and cleanliness of underwear products.

Price -friendly

Underwear prices are also very important for customers, so in my shop, you can see the price discount.I do not excessively pursue earning profit, but more focused on letting customers get cost -effective underwear.

Customer message

Every customer comments is a valuable wealth for me.I will use each message as a guide to better improve my shop and service.

Freight differences in different regions

In view of the differences in freight between different regions, in my shop, I will reasonably calculate the freight according to the freight standards in different regions.At the same time, all freight is formulated in accordance with the requirements of the Taobao platform, and there are no other additional applications.


Through my real photos and the above introduction, I hope you have a better understanding of my shop.In the sexy underwear store I operate, you can believe me, believe in my source, and return service for you and after -sales service.I believe that through my continuous efforts, my shop will definitely be one of your favorite sexy underwear shops.

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