The beads under the sexy underwear

1. Falling underwear beads

The beads under the sex underwear are some exquisite decorations. These beads are usually placed in the private parts of the clothes and the parts wrapped in the body.These small accessories not only bring a decorative effect to the wearer, but also have some unique irritating properties.

2. The material of beads

The beads under the sex underwear can have different materials, such as.Silicone, metal, medical -level plastic or rubber.Different materials can produce different texture and use effects.

Third, the size of the beads

The size and quantity of the beads under the sex underwear can vary depending on the design.Some people are more sexy and love. They tend to wear large number of smaller particles, and some people may prefer a small and larger beads.

Fourth, the use of beads

The beads under the sex underwear can be used to enhance the stimulus of sex, but they can also be used for daily wear.Whatever the situation, they should be kept clean and consistent with clothes.

Five, the shape of beads

The beads under the sex underwear can be a variety of shapes, such as balls, oval, and heart shape.The shape of the beads directly affects the excitement.For example, heart -shaped beads can make the stimulus more concentrated, while the circular beads are more dispersed evenly.

6. The color of beads

The beads under the sex underwear are designed with a variety of colors.Red or black reveals a kind of enthusiasm and desire. The light color is very clean and gentle, while dark black and dark red are more mysterious and sexy.

Seven, the effect of excitement

The beads under the sex underwear are transmitted by body temperature to achieve stimulation effect.The texture of the beads and the texture of the beads will control the intensity of stimulation.

Eight, precautions

Wearing the beads under the sexy underwear need to apply lubricating oil in advance to increase comfort and make the stimulus smoother.You need to pay special attention to hygiene and dryness when wearing.If used for a long time, it will stimulate the body too much and cause adverse effects. It is recommended to wear well.

Nine, suggestions for use

When using the beads under the sex lingerie, you should choose the styles and quality suitable for your own use.At the same time, the use time needs to be controlled according to personal comfort and stimulus effect.If you are not sure of using the effect of sexy underwear, please consult your doctor or sex health professionals.

10. Conclusion

The beads at the end of the sex underwear are an interesting and eye -catching accessory that can increase the stimulus effect of sex and sexual life.However, you should choose the style and quality that suits you to ensure your health and comfort.When using, pay special attention to cleaning and hygiene, and ensure that the smear of the beads is smooth, so as to achieve the best stimulus effect.

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