The gay table wants me to wear sexy underwear

Opening Whimmer: Anxious request

As a girl, most of the time I will choose to dress and match myself, but I have recently encountered an embarrassing request.My gay table wants me to wear sexy underwear, which makes me feel uncomfortable and I don’t know how to respond.

What is sexy underwear?

Before solving this problem, I think it is necessary to briefly introduce sexy underwear.Sexy underwear is a sexy underwear. It is usually related to sex and aims to enhance the sexual experience and ensure the realization of certain sexual fantasies.It includes a variety of styles, such as lace underwear, bra, gloves, stockings, etc.

The role of sexy underwear

In addition to increasing the mood and increasing interest, sexy underwear has many other functions.First of all, it can perfectly define the body curve, making you feel more confident.Secondly, it can irritate sexy nerve endings and make the body more sensitive.Finally, it can also increase sexual fun and fun, bringing more stimuli and fun to sexual experience.

Selection of sex underwear

When you choose sexy underwear, consider the following aspects:

Materials: It is best to choose soft, comfortable, breathable materials, such as cotton, silk or lace.

Size: Please make sure that the sexy underwear is suitable for your body curve and the correct size to ensure comfortable and reflect the beautiful curve of the body.

Color: Select the right color according to different occasions or personal preferences.

Style: According to your body shape and your personality, choose the style that suits you.

Why do men want to see girls wearing sexy underwear?

I am curious, why do men want to see girls wearing fun underwear?This may be because men usually pay more attention to visual experience and can appreciate women’s body curves and details.In addition, sexy underwear can also stimulate male sexual fantasies, making them feel more sexually attractive.

Solution of embarrassing request

When we face some requests that make us feel uncomfortable or uncomfortable, the best way is to directly put forward our own feelings.Therefore, if you are in the same situation like me, you can honestly tell your feelings and explain why you do n’t want to wear sex underwear.If he really cares about you and respects your feelings, he will understand and accept your decision.

Conclusion: Choose to feel comfortable

In short, sexy underwear is a way to enhance sexual experience, but what kind of underwear is determined by yourself.The most important thing is to choose a suitable body curve and feel comfortable.When facing an embarrassing request, don’t be afraid to express your feelings and respect your own feelings.

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