The hotel allows to not sell fun jersey

The controversy of sex underwear in hotel sales

In recent years, with the popularity of interest culture, more and more hotels have begun to sell sexy underwear.But this approach is not recognized by everyone. Let’s see if the hotel should make sexy underwear.

The relationship between sexy underwear and sex culture

Interest underwear is a tool that stimulates sexual desire through visual and touch.Although sexy underwear is not equivalent to sex, the connection between them is very close.Therefore, some people think that selling sexy underwear will encourage and respect unhealthy sex culture.

Individual differences and consumer needs

However, in today’s society, the concepts of different people have gradually become open, and consumers’ demand for sexy underwear has also increased.Some people think that selling sexy underwear is a merchant on the basis of meeting individual differences and consumer needs, rather than admiring an unhealthy sex culture.

Requirements for industry self -discipline

For the hotel industry, it should pay more attention to the self -discipline of the industry.Is sales of sexy underwear adapt to the development of the hotel industry?Does the hotel industry have enough ability to come from the law and self -management?Management should think and consider this, formulate corresponding rules to restrict the various businesses of the hotel, and reduce unnecessary risks.

Impact of brand positioning

Brand positioning is important for hotel sales strategies.If the hotel itself is positioned with high -end brands, sales of sexy underwear may not meet the characteristics of its positioning, but it is easy to leave consumers a light and inappropriate impression.

The relationship between erotic underwear and loyal customers

Although there are some products sold in sex underwear stores, there are still many loyal consumers.Selling sexy underwear has attracted the attention of these loyal consumers to a certain extent, and also broaden the channels for the hotel.From the perspective of hotel management, this is a positive aspect.

Reasonable subsidiaries

Sales of sexy underwear can also be sold as affiliated products.Because consumers need to meet the needs of some daily necessities, the sales of subsidiaries can also increase the economic benefits of the hotel to a certain extent.

Experience in other countries

In other countries, such as Japan, Europe and the United States and other regions, selling sexy underwear is already a widely acceptable thing.Merchants in these countries can effectively control the sales of sexy underwear, thereby achieving the effect of promoting the consumer market to a certain extent.

Conclusion: Flexible grasp of sales strategies

In summary, there are some controversy in the hotel in the hotel.When formulating a sales strategy, the hotel management should be based on specific situations, flexibly grasp the sales strategy, follow the principle of industry self -discipline, and maintain the principle of consistent brand positioning and close to consumer needs.decision making.

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