The number of good -looking sexy underwear

The number of good -looking sexy underwear

As a sexy, excited and tempting clothing, sexy underwear is becoming more and more popular with female consumers.However, in the market, there are many types of sexy underwear, which makes novices feel very confused when buying.This article will introduce some good -looking erotic underwear for female consumers, and their number, which can help female consumers better choose sexy underwear that suits them.

1. Bra set (Bra Set)

The most common classification of erotic underwear is a sexy underwear suit composed of bras, bottom pants and tulle.Among them, the number 4XXX is a relatively common bras, such as 4018, 4060, and so on.The corresponding bras of the bras corresponding to these numbers are different. Some are lace models, some are net velvers, and some are silk models, which gives people more choices.

2. Sling skirt set (babydoll set)

The suspender skirt suite can be said to be a very classic sexy lingerie style, which is usually composed of suspenders and jumpsuits.This kind of sexy underwear is often made of transparent tulle, and the delicate lace lace is hanging on it, which is very sexy and charming.The more popular numbers are 5024, 5147 and so on.

3. Lace Nightgown (LACE NIGHTGOWN)

The lace nighttime is a sexy pajamas, hanging tulle and high -quality lace, making this night skirt has a gorgeous and romantic style.There are 7530, 6681 and so on.

4. Crottchless Stocking

Open crotch stockings are a very popular category in sexy underwear. They have a special design. Because open crotch stockings have open crotch, they do not need to take off them completely.The number of open crotch stockings is very rich, including 1112, 11122 and other numbers.

5. Leather Lingerie

Leather sex underwear has a shocking power. These underwear have high -quality leather production, making women sexy, wild and confident.The more popular numbers are 6091, 6079 and other numbers.

6. Strapless Lingerie

The tube top sexy underwear adopts a comfortable shoulder strap design, so that your shoulder has no restraint.This kind of sexy underwear number is 3111, 3102 and other numbers.


Women’s body is more susceptible to men. Sometimes in order not to be exposed, some women choose to wear some sexy underwear with short -sleeved design, which is not only beautiful and comfortable, and more practical.In addition, there are many women who like to wear ice -silk sex underwear, because ice silk has the characteristics of breathable and comfortable, which is very suitable for summer wear.Such as 5325, 5361, etc.

8. Strapless Lingerie

With their fashionable and generous style, exposed shape, high -quality materials and comfortable personal sense, it has become the trend fashion chasing in modern women.There are 3120, 3147 and so on.


Choose good -looking erotic underwear not only to consider the appearance, but also consider materials, comfort and other actual factors.No matter what kind of sexy underwear is selected, consumers should choose according to their needs and budget.At the same time, it is also very important to choose good brands and retailers to ensure the after -sales service and quality guarantee after purchase.

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