The school wears open stalls and sexy underwear

The school wears open stalls and sexy underwear

In most countries, wearing sexy underwear is private behavior, but in some countries, sexy underwear has become a fashion trend.Recently, some schools have allowed to wear sexy underwear on campus, which has caused many controversy.In this article, the benefits and risks of the school’s sexy underwear will be explored.

Convenience and comfort

Putting on the stall and sexy underwear can facilitate girls’ bathroom activities.Wearing traditional underwear needs to take off the pants when using the toilet, and you can easily complete this task when wearing a sexy underwear.In addition, some sexy underwear is made of soft and comfortable materials, which can provide girls with a better dressing experience.

Aesthetics and fashion trends

Today, many people pay attention to the matching of wearing, thus highlighting their personal fashion style.Compared with traditional underwear, sexy underwear is more beautiful, and its style is more diverse, such as lace, red and black, as well as other styles suitable for different occasions and different body shapes.In addition, sexy underwear can also achieve better aesthetic effects through accessories such as camisole, gloves, and socks.

Social risk

Although wearing a sexy underwear has its advantages, wearing some risks on campus still brings some risks.One of them is sexual harassment.Although everyone has the right to decide what they want to wear, some people may misunderstand the meaning of opening the sexy underwear, which leads to sexual harassment.In addition, wearing open underwear may attract unnecessary attention and affect the efficiency of learning and work.

Gender equality

A controversy facing the opening and fun underwear is: only allow women to wear.Some people believe that wearing a sexy underwear is only a privilege of women. Men should have the right to wear underwear that can also reflect the sexy charm of personal sex.In this regard, we should standardize the behavior of wearing sexy underwear on the basis of gender equality.

School policy

In many schools, school policies stipulate that wearing sexy underwear to enter the campus, but there are also some schools to choose to relax this regulation.For schools that allow wearing sexy underwear to enter the campus, detailed rules and systems should be established to ensure that all teachers and students do not cause discomfort to others when wearing sexy underwear.

Looking at the perspective of career

Whenever and wherever, clothing is important to professional image.Under the situation of workshops, schools, and employees, and communication with customers, wearing sexy underwear may have adverse effects and directly affect the matching of individuals and professional images.Therefore, whether to wear sexy underwear under these occasions needs to be thoughtful.

A few groups wear

Generally, wearing a sexy underwear is a rational choice, but for some minority groups, wearing sexy underwear may be a way they express themselves.These groups include people who are subverted by gender, and men, feminists and artists who are usually wearing women.

Need to establish rules

Public places should establish clear rules for wearing sexy underwear, so as not to cause unnecessary disputes.Some schools can formulate standards, not only restricting students’ wear, but also require students to respect the feelings of students around them.

in conclusion

It is reasonable to lack a unified conclusion when exploring the school’s sexual lingerie.Wearing sexy underwear should be everyone’s own decision, but should respect the rules of the campus community on the basis of coordination of other members.In some communities, it may be acceptable, but for other communities, it may not be suitable.

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