The type classification of sexy underwear is

Interest underwear is a kind of underwear designed specifically to increase sex.It has a variety of styles and types.In this article, we will introduce the types of sexy underwear in detail so that you can better understand the love lingerie.

I. underwear suit

The sexy underwear suit is usually composed of two parts, such as underwear and bra, which can be used as a sex toy to increase interest and intimacy.

II. Open underwear

This personal underwear is open, which can keep the body exposed and increase interest.


The bellyband is a traditional sexy underwear. It can expose the body in the abdomen and breasts, increasing sexual interest.

Iv. Babydoll

Babydoll is equipped with tulle, lace or transparent materials to decorate bra and underwear, making women look more sexy and attractive.

V. Flopp pants

The design of this underwear is becoming more and more popular.It has a sexy design to make the hip curve more beautiful.

Vi. XXL bra

XXL bras are suitable for women with large breasts, which can effectively modify the chest shape and increase confidence and sexy.

Vii. Through pants

Through pants are a very sexy sexy underwear. Because its design is similar to the lines, it has a very low belt, which can enhance the sexy of women.

Viii. Toys underwear

This sexy underwear has some vibration equipment or other sex toys, which can increase interest and irritation.

IX. Housekeeping clothing

This erotic underwear imitates the costumes of the householders, with sexy and charming effects.

X. Belly Board Sports Clothing

This sexy underwear is a style that combines bellybands and sportswear, which is very suitable for women who like to exercise.

In general, sexy underwear is an important part of increasing interest and color.Each of the sex underwear listed above has its own characteristics and use.In order to choose a sexy underwear that suits them, women need to understand their bodies and sizes, and take into account the type of partner like.

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