The wholesale market in Beijing sex lingerie

Beijing sex lingerie wholesale market introduction

There are a lot of Beijing sex underwear wholesale markets, three of which are Gu’an, Tianzhu and Haidian.The markets in these areas include mosque, Beijing -Hong Kong Building and Huiju Plaza.Whether it is a large and medium -sized wholesale market or small retail stores, all kinds of sexy underwear products are provided.Here are several of the recommended wholesale markets worth recommending:

Market 1: Market near Mosque

This market is located in the Gu’an area and provides a variety of sexy underwear of various types and styles.You can find a variety of color, styles and size sexy underwear here, and the price is very moderate.In addition, they pay great attention to confidentiality when selling sexy underwear, making your shopping experience more secretive.

Market 2: Zhongguancun Huiju Plaza Market

Huiju Plaza is one of the famous commercial malls in Beijing.You can find all kinds of sexy underwear here, all from low -end to high -end.Here, you can find the sexy underwear of the world -renowned brand with moderate prices.

Market 3: Tianzhu Market

Tianzhu Market is located near Beijing CBD. It provides a variety of sexy and sexy sexy underwear, which is the first choice for all kinds of sexy underwear enthusiasts.Here, you can find a variety of high -quality sexy lingerie, both styles, colors, or size.

Market 4: Shijingshan Laoshan Store

Shijingshan Laoshan Store offers some sexy underwear with comfort.If you are looking for some sexy underwear suitable for sleep and leisure, then come here.The price is more affordable, comfortable in texture, suitable for teachers and white -collar workers.

Market 5: Lize International Business District Market

The Lizize International Business District Market is located near Beijing CBD.If you need to find some sexy underwear for family or husband and wife, you will not be disappointed here.Here, you can find some creative erotic underwear with moderate prices.

Market 6: Xidan Pedestrian Street Market

Xidan Pedestrian Street Market is one of the most popular streets in Beijing.Here you can find a variety of sexy underwear, and the price is relatively affordable.In addition, there are many independent sexy underwear shops around, you might as well take a look at it.

Market 7: Wei Gongcun Street Market

Wei Gongcun Street Market is located in Haidian, providing a variety of sexy underwear.This is also one of the choices for many college students to buy sexy underwear.The price is very moderate, you can buy a variety of color, styles and sizes here.


All in all, the Beijing underwear market is very diverse, selling all kinds of sexy, sexy, sexy, sexy, fashionable and other style, size and color sexy underwear.You can choose a sexy underwear shop that suits you in these markets according to your needs and budgets.In general, Beijing’s sexy underwear market is very suitable for people who start entrepreneurship in this field, and Beijing’s local sex lingerie brands are relatively strong.

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