Three points for dairy cows are sexy underwear

Three points for dairy cows are sexy underwear

1. What is a cow three points?

Three points of cows are a relatively special sexy underwear. It is composed of bra, G string, and necklace. The image symbolizes three nodes in the production of milk: squeezed out of the breast, passed through the pipeline, and finally pour into the cup.

2. Why is it called sexy underwear?

The reason why cows are classified as sexy underwear is because its design style is very sexy and teasted. This underwear is very suitable for the love of love, which can increase the fun and irritation of sex.

3. Types of dairy three -point style

There are many different styles at three points of cows. Some of these styles are classic, and some are innovative. You can choose your favorite style according to your personal preferences and need to choose your favorite style.Such as low breasts, navel installation, mesh installation, etc.In short, as long as you have imagination, you can create your own exclusive sexy underwear.

4. Suitable for body type

Dairy three -point underwear is suitable for those who are well -proportioned or thinner, because this underwear will appear more exposed, and people with bad figures may not be beautiful.

5. Material selection

The material of choosing dairy three -point underwear should take into account your skin sensitivity. It is best to choose smooth and breathable fabrics.In addition, be careful not to choose underwear with too small size, otherwise it will cause discomfort to the body.

6. How to wear

When wearing a cow, you should pay special attention to adjust the position of the bra and G strings to ensure the overall effect of the underwear. In particular, the bra should be both appropriate and comfortable. Do not let the nipple expose or cause discomfort.

7. Recommended recommendation

Cow three -point underwear can be matched with various skirts or slings, such as tight skirts, short skirts or perspectives, which can increase your sexy and gorgeous sense.

8. How to maintain a dairy three -point underwear

Underwear is a close partner of our body, and the material of the three -point underwear of cows is usually more delicate, so special attention is needed in maintenance.It should be washed with water, and should not be rubbed hard. At the same time, pay attention to avoid direct sunlight and high temperature ironing.

9. How to buy three -point underwear for dairy cows

Three -point underwear can be purchased on the Internet or professional underwear shops. You can choose different prices and styles according to your needs and budgets.However, no matter where you buy, you must ensure the quality and appropriateness of the underwear.

10. Viewpoint: Underwear is not just functional clothing

Cow three -point underwear is a kind of sexy underwear. It can not only satisfy people’s desire to sex, but also a manifestation of culture and art.In terms of wearing, dairy three -point underwear allows people to fully express themselves and show self -confidence and personality, so that they can be exerted and reflected in all aspects of life.

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