Tie body love and fun underwear

Tie body love and fun underwear

In the field of erotic underwear, bodied sexy underwear has always been a popular style.This underwear is usually made of leather, PVC, latex and other materials. It enhances the sexy effect through details such as tie rope, buckle ring and other details.If you want to try to tie your body clothes, but you don’t know where you start, the following are some small suggestions.

1. Understand different binding methods

There are many different binding methods for bodies and sexy underwear, and each tie method will bring different feelings.Some common binding methods include the front placket binding method, the rear placket tie method, the waist binding method, and the back tie method.Knowing different binding methods can help you understand which style you prefer.

2. Select the right size

Because the bodies are usually fixed with a thin rope or thin band, it is very important to choose the right size.If the size you choose is too small, the underwear may be tight or uncomfortable.Excessive size will cause the tie rope to be loose, thereby reducing the overall effect.

3. Match other accessories

Tie -bodies are easy to use with other accessories, such as leather handcuffs, collars, mouthballs, and so on.These accessories can enhance the overall sexy effect and match your bodies’ sexy underwear more perfectly.

4. Consider materials

The materials that are usually used in sexy underwear are more challenging than traditional underwear.For example, materials such as PVC and latex may require special cleaning methods and maintenance methods.Before buying, make sure you know clearly and prepare maintenance methods for the selected materials.

5. Light problem

When choosing to wear sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the problem of light.This kind of sexy underwear usually requires sufficient light to display its details and styles, otherwise it may lose its sexy effect.Therefore, when choosing a place, please pay attention to the problem of light.

6. Pay attention to safety

You need to be very careful when using the tie’s sexy underwear, especially in the first use.Make sure you have enough understanding of how to use underwear and precautions, and follow the attached guide.In addition, when leaving underwear on your body, please pay attention to your comfort and release it in time with any pain or excessive tightness.

7. Try to make self -made

You can also consider some things when you choose to tie the body clothes.This can not only save costs, but also provide you with more personalized options.There are many self -made tutorials that tie the sexy underwear on the Internet, but please make sure you have a full understanding of the use of tools and materials and safety precautions.

8. Strict confidentiality

Finally, no matter what kind of bodies you choose, you must remember strictly confidential.Because this sexy underwear may make people feel shy and confused, when choosing to use, you need to ensure that others cannot see or discover.

in conclusion

Tie -body sexy underwear is a very sexy and challenging sexy underwear. While enjoying the stimulus it brings, you need to be careful and pay attention to details and precautions.No matter what kind of binding or material you choose, you need to be responsible for your body and health, while maintaining moderate and rational.

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