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What is the toilet sex underwear?

The toilet sex underwear is a sexual emotional interest underwear inspired by the bathroom toilet.Its design is inspired by Japan. It was originally called "toilet couple set" and began to become popular in 2019.

Toilet sex underwear style

There are many styles of toilet sex underwear, the most common of which is the toilet cushion -shaped underwear.One version of the toilet sex underwear is a cushion with an opening, and the other version is to turn the cushion into a underwear suit.

The material of the toilet sex underwear

Toilet sex lingerie is generally used in comfortable and soft fiber materials, such as silk or cotton to ensure the comfort and safety of wearing.Because they are toxic, we can use it safely.In addition, they need to keep waterproof to dry in the bathroom.

Toilet sex underwear accessories

Accessories can help toilet sexy underwear become more attractive.Generally, underwear is paired with cushion and cooperative gloves.Some toilet erotic underwear also has details such as toilet paper or hand paper.

What occasions are suitable for toilet sex underwear?

The toilet sex lingerie is suitable for use in the bathroom and bed.The purpose of their initial design is to use the flirting and sex games of couple interaction, but they can also be used alone to create a self -flirting atmosphere.

The price of toilet sex underwear

The price of toilet sex underwear is large. Due to design and manufacturing costs, the price range ranges from hundreds to thousands.However, after choosing a toilet sex underwear that suits you, you will feel that your money is worth it.

Cleaning and maintenance of toilet sex underwear

The toilet sex lingerie is a very personal item that needs to be cleaned and maintained frequently.It is best to wash and dry it with hand, do not use the washing machine, because washing opportunities caused damage to underwear.In addition, it is recommended to use a special lubricant and do not use any oil base lubricant.

Suggestions for the use of toilet sex underwear

When using toilet sex underwear, pay attention to safety, avoid suffocation, neck and other accidents.If you and your partner have never had any form of sex game experience before trying to use sex toys, it is best to conduct a physical examination under the advice of the doctor.

The trend of toilet sex underwear

Toilet sex lingerie has become a fashion trend and is sought after by many people.Their styles are diverse and the prices have changed.With the continuous development and promotion of the sex toy market, we believe that the popularization and influence of toilet sex underwear will grow.

Viewpoint of toilet sex lingerie -innovation and interesting to some extent

The toilet sex underwear is a unique sex toy. Its design is novel and unique, which is enough to attract people.It brings fun and exploration, and can instantly mobilize people’s lust.Although not everyone can accept this type of sexy toys, it is still an interesting innovation and exploration experience, and it is part of the field that cannot be ignored in this field.

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