Trust or do you want to buy sexy underwear to wear

Triggered to buy sexy underwear?

Buying sex underwear seems to be very challenging, and you need to overcome many psychological obstacles, such as: self -esteem, shame, etc.If you have been struggling to buy, you can see the following article, which may be helpful to you.

Step 1: Understand your preferences

Before buying sexy underwear, you need to figure out your preferences.Do you prefer silk, lace, gauze, or other materials?Are you more inclined to sexy or cute?Or do you want to try some non -mainstream styles?Establishing your own direction, you will be more targeted when buying, and will not follow the trend blindly.

Step 2: Know your size

Very important!Different brands, different styles, and size standards are inconsistent.Before buying, make sure you know your size, so as not to wear it after the purchase or the size is too small.

Step 3: Master the selection skills

Before buying, you need to master some selection skills.For example, choose the right style to meet your own shape; choose the right color to meet your skin tone; choose the appropriate accessories to enhance the visual effects of underwear and so on.

Step 4: Choose suitable occasions

Different styles of sexy underwear are suitable for different occasions.For example, some styles are suitable for wearing on a romantic night, and some styles are suitable for showing themselves on hot parties.Before buying, you need to determine the occasions you wear in order to choose the right style.

Step 5: Try a variety of different styles

When buying sexy underwear for the first time, it is recommended to try different styles.This is conducive to broadening your own choice and finding the most suitable style for you.

Step 6: Consider wearing comfort

Not only should we pay attention to the visual effects of sexy underwear, but also consider wearing comfort.If you are a person who is not good enough, choosing a tight -fitting style is easy to strangle meat, which is not only beautiful, but also affects the comfort of wearing.Therefore, be sure to choose good comfortable and fit.

Step 7: Pay attention to the relationship between quality and price

Quality and price are proportional.The lower the price, the worse the quality, otherwise.So don’t be greedy for cheap prices and choose inferior products, because such products are not only impatient, but also easy to be allergic.

Step 8: Communicate with your partner

Before buying sexy underwear, it is best to communicate with your partner.After all, wearing sexy underwear is not unilateral, and the cooperation and tacit understanding of both parties requires the cooperation and tacit understanding of both parties.To understand the partner’s preferences, you can better choose sexy underwear.


In short, buying sexy underwear is not difficult. You only need to consider your preference carefully, understand your size, master the selection skills, choose suitable occasions, try different styles, consider wearing comfort, pay attention to the relationship between quality and price, and partner with your partner.communicate.I believe that as long as you make the above preparations, buying sexy underwear is no longer a difficult thing.

Finally, remind everyone: Do not buy sexy underwear in order to pursue fashion or follow the trend, but choose a style that suits you and comfortable.

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