Types and usage pictures of sexy underwear

Types and usage pictures of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a lingerie that many people like to wear in private or specific occasions. It can enhance the attractiveness and charm of gender and make people feel confident.This article will introduce the various types of sexy underwear and its use methods.

1. BABYDOLL (baby skirt)

Babydoll is a relatively common sexy underwear. It is a short skirt with a bray cup that can easily show women’s cleavage.It is usually made of transparent or translucent light fabric, which can show the sexy charm of women.

2. Garter (hanging strap)

Garter is an external decoration for fixing stockings and socks, which is usually used with underwear and belt.The strap can make women’s legs more beautiful, increasing sexy and tempting.

3. Corset (tight corset)

Corset is a kind of tight underwear, which wraps the upper body and waist of women in hand, which can create a more slender and charming figure line.At the same time, it can also improve women’s confidence and charm.

4. Teddies (bellyband)

Teddies is a tight conjoined underwear that covers the whole body or most of the body.This underwear is very suitable for wearing in special occasions, such as theme gatherings or celebrations, and so on.

5. Chemise (tube top skirt)

Chemise is a underwear similar to Babydoll, but the tube top skirt pays more attention to visual effects and is usually made of solid color or printed fabric.It can be used with other underwear such as suspenders and stockings to enhance the sexy effect.

6. Thong (thong)

Thong is a small and small underwear with a small strap, which covers less area and is usually used for sexy and tempting.Because Thong usually has a small coverage, it can also be worn with other sexy underwear.

7. Bodysuit (hip -lifting pad)

Bodysuit is a close -fitting conjoined underwear that can not only shape the beautiful body lines of women’s curves, but also inflatable hip -hip -up pads, emphasizing the charm of women’s hips.

8. Bustier (long underwear)

Bustier is a long sexy underwear. It is usually used with short skirts, stockings, high heels, etc., which can show the sexy and tempting of women.

9. Costume (Interesting)

Interesting is a sexy underwear that pays more attention to visual effects. Usually, it is more interesting to imitate different occupations or characters, such as nurses and stewardess.

10. Bralette (without buckle underwear)

Bralette is a kind of underwear without hooks and buttons that can be worn with other sexy underwear such as camisole and stockings.

In short, sexy underwear is a kind of sexy, tempting and confident clothing, suitable for wearing on specific occasions.From baby skirts, hanging socks, tight -fitting corsets, bellybands to thongs, buttocks, from tube top skirts, long underwear to erotic clothes, various types of sexy underwear can meet different needs and budgets.

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