V -character sexual jacket


Sexy underwear is an essential part of modern women’s daily life. As the representative of sexy underwear, V -character sex underwear is becoming more and more popular and loved by female friends.Let me introduce the types, styles and knowledge of V -character sex underwear.


In terms of styles, V -character sex underwear can be divided into two categories: one is sex underwear with V -shaped design, and the other is a wave -type V -shaped sex underwear.

Interesting underwear with V -shaped design

The erotic underwear with a V -shaped design refers to a V -shaped design on the chest position of the underwear. This design can make the chest look fuller and sexy.The sexy underwear of this V -shaped design generally has the support of a thicker sponge pad or other materials, so it is very comfortable to wear, and at the same time, it can better play a role in the chest support.Sexy underwear with V -shaped design can usually be paired with various fashion clothing, making women look more charming.

Wave -shaped V -line sexy underwear

Wave -type V -lines of sexy underwear refers to a wave -type design on the chest position of the underwear. This design can better show the sexy and charm of women and make women look more moving.The wave -shaped V -lines of sexy underwear are added with transparent lace and embroidery elements to make the entire underwear feel more retro and elegant.Wave -type V -lines of sexy underwear with silk or lace pants, or transparent stockings and other clothing can make women look more charming and attractive.


The charm of the V -word sex underwear is that it can highlight the sexy and charm of women, making women more confident and beautiful.


V -character sex underwear is not only a fashionable clothing, it also has many practical functions.It can help women adjust the chest shape, make the chest shape fuller and tight, and at the same time, it can also play a role in the chest support and adjust the figure, so that women are more confident and beautiful when wearing a coat.


When choosing and wearing a V -shaped underwear, you need to pay attention to the following points:

The size of the size should be appropriate, do not choose too large or too small underwear;

Be sure to wear underwear, don’t be too tight or too loose;

Pay attention to whether the underwear is transparent, choose the right bottom pants or stockings;

Do not wear V -line sexy underwear for severe exercise or wear for a long time.


When matching other clothing, it should be matched with sexy rather than exposed clothing. At the same time, pay attention to the combination of the overall matching and color.Choose black, red, white and other colors of jewelry or clothing, you can better match V -line sex underwear.


V -character sex underwear is a relatively delicate underwear. You need to pay attention to the following maintenance items:

Underwear should be washed with water or special underwear washing solution and avoid soaking for too long;

When washing, it should be treated softly and quickly. Do not rub it hard;

The underwear should be dry, do not expose to the sun to avoid the deformation of the underwear;

Avoid compressing or polluting underwear when storing the underwear.


V -character sex underwear is a kind of underwear with both fashion and practical functions. It can highlight the sexy and charm of women and make women more confident and beautiful.Pay attention to size, dressing and maintenance, and also need to pay attention to the overall matching and accessories choices.

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